College-Bound Essentials – Head to IKEA

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

My girlfriend Lisa wanted me to head to IKEA with her to shop for dorm room necessities for her college bound son. As expected, we found some great items, all of them incredibly well priced. Here are some of our favorites:

DAVE computer table – This portable table adjusts at different angles and is great to use while lying on the bed  or sitting on the couch and working on the laptop. $17.99
JANSJO clamp-on LED lamp – Versatile lamp that can clamp on wherever you need it. Among other things, it's  perfect for the DAVE computer table or for kids, umm, we mean students on the high bunk. $29.99
SPONTAN magazine rack – We can only do so much to help our teenagers get organized, but this 3-tier magazine rack is the perfect spot to hold class assignment information. The fact that it is also magnetic is an added bonus. $9.99
SPONTAN magnets – Great heavy duty magnets. These would work well even on the magazine rack surface. $2.99
KAJSA or MALLA hanging shelves – These hanging shelves are great and I know everyone has them but what is different about these, aside from the great bold colors and patterns, is the matching drawer inserts and side pouches. The possibilities are endless. $17.99
ATRAN lockable cabinet – Because it can't just be picked up and walked away with, this is the ideal cabinet in which to store your valuables. There is plenty of room for a wallet, iPod, phone, jewelry and more items in need of safekeeping. $19.99
SKUBB under bed storage – Lisa’s son is heading north for university, so this is just right for all the winter clothes that he will need (probably sooner then later).$9.99
TRONES – These storage bins are designed for shoes but I like them because they can hold socks, underwear, scarves, hats, gloves and more. $39.99/3pack
SAMLA storage bin with caddie – This is a wonderful storage bin for all your bathroom supplies, such as, shampoos, conditioners, soaps and so on and the caddie can easily hold all your accoutrements to make the trip to the bathroom more efficient. Bin, $4.99. Caddie, $3.99. Lid, $1.00. Total $9.98
UPPTACKA toiletry bag – There is also a hanging toiletries bag to bring to the shower. The price can't be beat. $4.99
JALL table top ironing board – I thought that Lisa was dreaming to think her son would actually iron something on his own, but for $4.99 I kept an open mind for her.
BOLMEN corner trash can – I liked this trash can because it had a lid to prevent foul smells from escaping (we are talking dorm room here) and the triangular shape tucks it conveniently in a corner. $9.99

Lisa also added new bath towels, sheets and a duvet cover to her purchases. Although Lisa did not purchase any of the below items for her son they are worth mentioning. NJUTA has perfect accessories for the bathroom with NJUTA slippers ($2.99) and NJUTA bathrobe ($24.99) plus NJUTA bath brush, foot file and nail brushes ($1.99 – $5.99), all nicely color coordinated.

When you are there make sure you pick up the new 2011 IKEA catalog.

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