Create-It-Yourself Handbag Kits by Gabs Studio

I thought that this was the cutest idea: Gabs Studio's build-it-yourself handbags.  These very cool “Made-in-Italy-and-assembled-by-you” bags actually come in pieces, ready to be put together, according to the instructions or in new and creative ways. Add personal touches too. It’s like cooking: instructions are just guidelines. The best cooks always add more of what they like and less of what they don’t. I think that’s a good rule for design too.

Once all assembled, the Gabs Studio bags can be worn over the shoulder or messenger style. They come in six color ways. Great gift idea. And perfect for the teen set, especially to give them something to do over the summer!

Another cool bag sold through Urban Junket (love their T.O.T.E laptop bags as mentioned here). You can get them here.

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