Create Quick Romantic Accents with Indigo Root – Dedicated Post

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

IndigoRoot logoInterior designers have simple tricks in making a house a home. You know, those little techniques to bring not only style but warmth and intimacy into your personal space. Candles are a great way to do this, and using reusable peel and stick accents takes you one step further to suit the mood, season or special occasion. Indigoroot has created a simple, chic, interchangeable and reusable solution to add those nice touches to your home.

With Valentine's Day coming up, Indigoroot makes it easy to add a romantic touch using their CandleClothes™ and Wrapitz™. If you are a classic romantic with a little bit of a wild side, the Fire Red Giraffe CandleClothes™ can help set the mood. Create a quick centerpiece by wrapping them around flameless candles or glass hurricanes. Add the Wrapitz™ to side dishes, vases and other accent pieces to complete the ambience.

RedGiraffe Wrapitz

Indigoroot also has a full line of WineWrapps™ and DrinkDotz™. They are fun, alternative drink identifiers that cling without the clink. But they are so much more! Add a quick flare to a hum-drum picture frame or mirror.


I love all their endless possibilities. Just watch this Youtube video for more ideas:

If you are like me and are time starved, these are definitely a very easy and inexpensive way to liven up the look of any décor quickly. Just Peel it, Stick it and Wrap!

To view their complete design lines, and to purchase, go directly to IndigoRoot.

You may have just taught your interior designer something new.


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