“Creating My Midlife Crisis” – a Monthly Series

The Succulent Wife is thrilled to have Marjie Killeen join her team of fabulous contributors. Through her monthly posts, Marjie will update us on the progress of her intentional midlife crisis.

Marjie is a writer, wife and mom who thinks her forties have been her coolest decade so far. She has written about this surprisingly fulfilling time of life on her blog, fortyfabulous.blogspot.com. 

But now age 50 is approaching, and Marjie is feeling anxious. Her body is changing, her kids are getting older, and it no longer seems like she has all the time in the world to accomplish her dreams.

Instead of reacting to these fears by running away with her landscaper or off to an ashram in India, Marjie has decided to take a more proactive approach. As she explains in this short video, she’s creating her own midlife crisis in hopes to take advantage of the transformation and enlightenment it brings – without the chaos and destruction.

Each month she’ll deal with one of the very real issues that affect women at midlife. Feel free to read along at her site, or check back here. She’ll be providing video progress reports to The Succulent Wife. Her next update is coming up this following Monday. Stay tuned!

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