Creating New Colors

Though I love color (and color on top of color), I had never given much thought to how colors are created. I guess it’s something that I always took for granted… That colors just… were.

Turns out that new colors need to be created to match current consumer trends and moods. It’s a real science and the authority is, bien sûr, PANTONE.

I thought that you would enjoy this video that quickly walks us through the PANTONE process of researching, adjusting and testing the development of new colors.

Who knew? Well, I certainly feel smarter now.

And, designers and artistes, you will want to check out the PANTONE website for resources, tools and apps for fashion and home color planning.

Color is just plain cool.


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2 Responses to Creating New Colors

  1. Chloe says:

    I’ve always been fascinated with color and color trends and how Pantone fits into the equation. I’ve always wondered whether it is consumers or designers who drive color trends.

    • The Succulent Wife says:

      Hi Chloe! It looks like “rules” are being dictated differently these days, which probably means it goes both ways. Designers are influenced by the street and vice versa. Let’s make up on own color. Think it’ll fly?

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