Cuff Bracelets – A Must-Have Look

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

With just one piece of jewelry, a basic outfit can be transformed into a stylish look. That is the power of a good cuff bracelet! And the bigger the better! Certainly, they are not for the faint of heart. They are designed to be seen and for you to be heard! Whether you want to dress up a casual outfit or just to make a statement of personal style, a cuff is a wardrobe essential. Each of these handmade cuffs mentioned below will come beautifully package by each artist, making them perfect gifts for Mother's Day.

Shakespearean Brass Cuffs – Inspired by the eloquent words of William Shakespeare, these cuffs age well over time (just don't wear them while swimming!). Made of brass, the patina will naturally change over time. The pages of the Shakespearean novels are protected under a sealant. Made in England (but where else?), these cuff's ship to Canada and the United States for $2.50. You can buy them here for $35.00
Hand Engraved Cuffs – We wrote about Laura Wolf Designs before and we feel that her handmade heirloom-worthy cuffs should be mentioned again. With Laura's help, you can design a completely unique cuff that will be a true personal statement for yourself or as a gift. Contact her through her website.
Beaded Leather Cuff – Handcrafted beaded chrysanthemums are beautifully made by Etsy artist Doro Soucy. Meticulously detailed from the green lucite leaves to the japanese seed beads lining the edge of the cuff. This cuff would make a great accent piece to any outfit. Buy it on Etsy for $65.00
Marie-Antoinette Felt Cuff – A beautiful felt cuff that brings a bit of a vintage look to a casual pair of jeans and a t shirt. Buy it on Etsy for $35.00.
Recycled Vinyl Record Bracelets – These cuffs are made from old vinyl records. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Great for the fashionista and music lover that remembers the old 33½, 45 and 78s. Buy them on Supermarket for $25.00.
Wood Cuff – A vintage ebony wood Sea Star cuff made by Ivory Jack would be beautiful with a simple sundress and espadrilles. Can you say summer? Buy it here for $298.00
10-Row Bracelet – A lot of rock'n roll and a little bling. As Melissa Banks, the designer of Rapt in Maille proclaims “This is not your mother's chainmaille”.  Indeed, Melissa certainly has her way with stainless steel. Gorgeous and easy to wear day or night. Visit Rapt in Maille to purchase or find a retail location near you.




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