Cutie Pie Time!

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

So, about a year ago, foodie experts predicted that 2011 would be the year of the pie and that cupcakes would be retired in favor of the tarte. I didn’t see much evidence of this, did you? My measurement? Cupcake shops are still flour-ishing (you get it) but there is nary a pie shop – much less a mini-pie shop – in sight. But, now a year later, trend or no trend, I am somewhat suffering from cupcake fatigue and I’m definitely ready to embrace another handheld alternative in the form of the mini-pie, aka the cutie pie!

Why are mini-pies so great? Bite-sized and handheld – they come in their own “wrapper”, no utensils needed, which makes them great for entertaining. With their pre-defined petite size, they have portion control built right in. Plus they can be served sweet or savory with an even amount of potential for creativity and deliciousness. I love that they can be loaded with seasonal fresh fruit.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d suggest the following accessories to make mini-pie-making  fun to create and versatile treats (with the mini pies, it's so easy to prepare more than flavor filling).

  Mini Pocket Pie Molds – Kinda like a cookie cutter but for pies! Place in any filling that fits your fancy, seal the dough, place on baking sheet and voilà. But the set at Williams Sonoma or individual mini pie molds on Amazon.
  Non-Stick Mini Pie Set – These are not only non-stick, but they also have a Lift & Serve feature to guarantee a perfect presentation. Great for pot pies too. Guess what I'm making for dinner tonight? Buy at Chicago Metallic Bakeware or on Amazon.
  Pie Pops Maker – Bite sized pies on a stick. Great for kids or adult parties and for gift-giving too. Think Valentine's Day with cherry filling…  Buy at Sur La Table
  Split Decision Pie Pan – How clever is this. Either bake half sweet or half savory or propose two different sweet fillings. The “Lift & Serve” feature enables easy removal of the finished pies for a perfect presentation. Buy at Spoonsisters for $18.95.
  Round Pie Iron – OK, so this is not the most elegant pie maker, but I had to include it here because of all the fond memories this little tool created. My parents used this when we were camping to make our breakfast and s'mores “pies”. A must for scrumptious outdoor “baking” and to create delicious memories in your own family Buy on Amazon. for about $19.99.
  Mini Pies Cookbook – This book covers the all essential pie crust recipes should you decide to DIY the crust and it even includes a gluten-free pie crust recipe and then recipes for sweet, creamy, nut and savory pies as well as they toppings. Buy on Amazon.


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2 Responses to Cutie Pie Time!

  1. Ann-Marie,
    I’m Co owner of Tiny Pies in Austin, Texas. My mom, Kit, and I started the company just under a year ago. We’ve had great success.
    I think folks are excited about the dessert options that are available today. Tiny Pies allows them to eat farm-fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. At a time when folks are more aware and sensitive about where their food comes from, I think mini pies are here to stay.
    I enjoyed your article!

    • The Succulent Wife says:

      Amanda, So lovely to hear from you and of your Tiny Pies business. Thanks for introducing yourself to us! Dear succulent readers, please check out Tiny Pies should you find yourself in Austin.

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