Deal-of-the-Day Collection:

I love Groupon. I wrote about it earlier this year: Groupon is the online deal-of-the-day buying collective that offers substantial discounts to various types of local businesses.  I have since made lots of nicely discounted purchases through it. In fact, Groupon has helped me get acquainted with the new city that I’ve moved to, as I discovered cool restaurants in yet unexplored neighborhoods, got great deals on activities like paintball battles (for my son’s birthday), architecture cruise (to take visiting family along) and golf (for the husband).

Since Groupon’s inception, there have been a dozens of copycats that have crept up which can only be a good thing for us consumers(I like YouSwoop and LivingSocial that I’ve bought from as well, for services dog boarding and sushi making classes). I’ve signed up for a few of them and the assault on my inbox has been overwhelming.

Which is why I thought that this new site is soooooooo smart: aggregates the feed from all of these daily-deals providers and sends one – ONE – convenient email that lists the deal-of-the-day by category. They cover over 60 different cities plus some in Canada, the UK and Australia. Since I’m visiting my sister in NYC next month, I have subscribedg to the New York page as well to see what dinner deals I can score for my visit there.

It’s easy. It’s free. Love.

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