Déjàmor. It’s not Just for Valentine’s Day [Dedicated Post]

By Audrey van Petegem

Dejamor I find that as I got older, Valentine's Day has taken on a whole new purpose. In fact, I don't know one of my friends who actually celebrates this occasion. For my husband and me, it is more of a reminder of the amorous side of our relationship than it is of us trying to shoehorn all sorts of overblown expectations of romance into one day.

Intimacy is known to take the back burner when reality has you dealing with stress from work, the daily responsibilities of parenting and just plainly being too tired. Déjàmor understands this. They know the reality of intimacy in a relationship and that it goes beyond sexual experiences in the bedroom. With the aid of relationship experts, sexologists and couples' counselors, Déjàmor employs a whole and multifaceted approach to improving relationships, targeting the emotional as well as the physical desires of a couple – every month!


DejamorDéjàmor is a monthly subscription service that offers “romance in a box” delivered directly to your door. These customized packages will provide everything you need for a romantic and intimate adventure.  Inside the package are two boxes with one for “His Eyes Only” and the other for “Her Eyes Only”.

Whether it is to put a little “50 Shades” in your relationship, to rekindle your physical desires or to just have a romantic time together,  Déjàmor can assist by making it fun, easy, convenient and discreet. It could be as simple as drawing a scented bath for your partner and leaving a love note in a floating bottle in the bubbles. Although you can use your imagination, everything you need comes in the monthly box.

Déjàmor offers a choice between annual, monthly or three month subscriptions.


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  1. What a fun idea! (More details?) Sounds delightful. The surprise alone would keep things fresh.

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