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We know that the advent of electronic reading devices has put a serious dent on the publishing business. Newspapers, magazines, book publishers, bookstores are dropping like flies. It was shocking at first. But, typical of catalytic cycles, we will evolve our habits with the new technologies.

Arising out of the publishing ashes is the next evolution of magazines: the independent digital mags. Where publishing was previously reserved for the elite few, it is now open to most anyone. And I have loved discovering the new wave of décor, fashion, craft & DIY, lifestyle indie magazines that hit the virtual shelves. Besides the fact that they are carbon neutral (no paper, no ink, no delivery), most of these are also free.

Here are a few of my favorites of the moment:

Sweet Paul Magazine is the work of food stylist Paul Lowe. It features fantastic photography, recipes and projects, and so does the blog, should you not be able to wait a whole month between publications. The holiday issue is the one still on the “stand” today. I'm hoping that the new one is just around the corner.
This is the first edition of Gifted Magazine, the “glossy” version of the oh-so delightful CreatureComforts blog.  This magazine is filled with interviews of artisans & designers in their studios,  fun &  do-able diy projects, freebie downloads and much more.
Rue Magazine co-founders Anne Sage of The City Sage and Crystal Gentilello of Plush Palate are responsible for this ultra chic, online-only interiors and lifestyle publication. Dreamy. Can't wait for the new issue.
Pure Green Living Magazine is a charming publication that focuses on all beautiful things ecological and friendly to our environment. A great resource, as is the blog, for all the latest, the unique and the stylish in green living.
Lonny Magazine, also a lifestyle and home décor mag, can be said to be the pioneer in the online-only mag biz, launching a year before the others. Gorgeous and inspirational, just as a really good magazine should be.

And, to find online magazines in your subject of choice, browse through, the very digital platform upon which many of these publications appear. While browsing, I found Joie which is a magazine all about the art of joyful living, very much focused on the “diy” & “handmade” market; Papercut, a wacky, fashion-focused magazine and Covet Garden, which takes a peek inside the lives and lifestyles of “real” people in Canada.

These magazines are obviously labors of love. And they are fleeting works of art. Let's support them with readership (so subscribe to make sure that you get the new issues), send them loads of traffic so that they may continue putting together many more inspired editions in the months, years, decades to come.

Enjoy and let us know which digital indie magazine we should add to the list!

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    And, I have just learned of this sweet online publication too: Matchbook Magazine. Find it here:

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