This website was launched as a vehicle to share some of the more meaningful and unique lifestyle ideas, products and services that the Succulent Wife and her team uncover on a daily basis. We know our stuff and we're pretty sure that we know what will be of interest to you. In order to continue delivering fresh, original, quality and valuable content to our readers, we have opted for the following solutions as a way to create revenue to compensate for the cost of running the website and coordinating the content.

Here then are some things that we think you would like to know:

Editorial. Our approach is first and foremost editorial. Our posts only mention products, services, organizations and concepts that we truly believe in, that we consume or abide by ourselves. Our interest is to promote interesting, value-added finds, ideas, business and products, especially in the independent business/services category.

Affiliate links. We are constantly on the lookout for new products and new ideas. This is what drives us and our content. Should one of our editorial picks happen to participate in an affiliate program, we may link to that item through an affiliate link. So, some links on this site may take you to an affiliate's purchase page (such as Amazon or Commission Junction or Shareasale merchants). You are under no obligation to buy. If you do buy anything from these affiliate sites based on our recommendations, we will be compensated with a small commission off of the item that you have purchased. These affiliate links do not affect the price your pay. We are otherwise not paid for mentioning these items.

Reviews. Our reviews are mainly based on items that we have used, encountered or bought ourselves. We sometimes accept complimentary samples for review and will disclose that we have received the item. But, the simple fact that we have received a sample does not mean that we will write about it. We have to love it for the item to make it into our pages. In either case, our reviews and opinions are expressed as our own and not under any third party influence.

Sponsored posts and giveaways. There are occasions when we accept sponsored posts or giveaways and they are clearly identified as such, in the post's subheading and in the footer. There is no confusion as to whether or not a post or giveaway has been sponsored. These will also be products or services that we deem worthy of being featured as sponsors.

Advertising. The banner ads displayed on The Succulent Wife may not express the views and opinions of the blog owner nor its contributors. We do our very best to support our advertisers and sponsors, but there is no guarantee as to the amount of traffic that any specific advertisement may or may not generate for your website and we cannot guarantee your ad/sponsored post's success with our readers.

We are proud members of Blog with Integrity and strive to conduct ourselves according to those ethics.