DIY – Love is Art Kit

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

Love is Art Kit

I have been married for 26 years now and, unbeknownst to our children, my husband and I still have sex. Yes, it is true. It may not be as often as we once used to, but my feeling is that quality beats quantity. And I love married sex. No one knows me and what I like more than my husband. There is a complete level of trust that allows us opportunities to explore, experiment and let our fantasies come to life. So, when I saw Jeremy Brown's Love is Art Kits, I thought that this would be a fun ‘project' for us on Valentine's Day.

We can create a one of a kind (master)piece of art with one night of love making. Think of it as finger painting for adults. With a bottle of organic, non-toxic washable paint and a 54 x 41 canvas, let your passion and imagination run hot and heavy. The end result is an artistic piece of abstract (thank goodness) art. The kit even comes with a plastic sheet for any, ah, back splash and body scrubbers for easy removal of body paint; making the clean up part of the fun. Choose from a wide variety of paint colors and canvases.



My husband and I have many private jokes that we get a chuckle about and this would definitely be added to one of our little secrets. What would our children say about the painting over our bed if they knew!  Just goes to show that it is never too late to become an artist! Buy directly from Love is Art Kit or Ahalife. Priced between $60 – $120.00.

Seal of approval

Also, check out the Wedding Night kit for the newlyweds. A fun way for them to remember their wedding night and start their marriage off with an original work of art!

Definitely gets our gift-worthy seal of approval!

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  1. wow, the video is incredibly sexy! Makes me want to try it.

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