DIY – Make Some Beer With Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Kit

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Just in time for Father's Day, a do-it-yourself kit beer making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. Whether your patriarch is familiar in the kitchen or not, this no-brainer, easy-to-follow process allows even the I-can't- boil-water type to make high quality and complex beers on top of the stove.

Brooklyn Brew Shop's user-friendly beer making kit uses only fresh, whole ingredients, such as cracked barley, hops, spices and yeast, and follows the traditional brewery method to producing beer that has been used for centuries. This kit includes a one gallon reusable glass fermenter, chambered airlock, thermometer, tubing, racking cane, sanitizer and beer making mix.

Here is the video to show each simple step:


With flavors such as Summer Wheat, Chestnut Brown Ale and eclectic sounding Coffee & Donut Stout, the Beer Enthusiast will enjoy experimenting with his micro-brewery. Let him proudly brag to all his friends when he invites them over for a taste and exclaims that, “yes, I, indeed, made this! Cheers!”

Buy directly from BrooklynBrew  or UncommonGoods.


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