Easter Baskets are for More Than Just Chocolate

For children, looking in their basket at Easter is like looking under the tree at Christmas. So why not make it more than just Chocolate Bunnies and eggs. Here are a few “little” gift ideas for items that will fit perfectly in those Easter baskets…

Personalized Vintage Easter Glass Tile Necklace – Adorable vintage Easter image tile made into a little glass pendant necklace. Etsy artist Michelle Gallegos will personalized it with your daughter's name on the back. Buy them at her Etsy shop here for $12.00.
Butterfly Crayon – A rainbow of colors in one crayon shaped as a butterfly. Endless fun for children to draw and see the colors change. Also comes in the shape of a bumblebee and dragonfly.  Buy it at Chasing Fireflies for $6.00.
DoodleMark – A great learning tool for your children without them knowing it. DoodleMark is a magic-erase pad that attaches to the book they are reading. Not only a bookmark but also for parents and children to interact with books together. Buy them at DoodleMark for $8.00.
Mark My Time – Perfect for the older child who has to read 20 minutes a day for school. This digital bookmark comes with an LED light and timer that tells you when your required reading is done. The timer can even turn the light off. The cumulative timer records and stores up to 100 hours of reading time. Comes in three cool camouflage prints in green, blue and pink. Buy them on Amazon for $14.95.
Think-ets – This toy is a tiny pouch of 15 different trinkets like a bell, animal, block, book, shell, sword and so on. It gives children an opportunity to use their imagination and create a story using the piece they pull out of the pouch. Although it is recommended for 8 and up, my 5 and 7 year enjoy playing it. Buy it on Amazon for about $11.99.
My Little Sandbox Play Sets – Comes with everything you need to see their imaginations come to life. Over a dozen to choose from for both boys and girls. Buy it on Amazon for about $23.00.
Flip Flop Bling –  Your little girl can bling her own flip flops with a choice of five styles. Buy them on Amazon for around $9.00.
Sneaker Bling – Or, she can bling her ordinary sneakers with butterflies, peace signs, flowers, stars, hearts or princess crowns with matching shoe laces. Buy it on Amazon for about $9.99.
Tie Not Water Balloon Knotter – My kids love water balloons but I always seem to be the one that has to tie them. I saw this knotter in action and was impressed how easy it is for kids to tie their own knots. Made in the USA from recycled materials this is one thing that is going into my daughters' Easter baskets. Comes with 100 balloons on Amazon for $7.76.
Thinking Putty – Comes in a variety of styles like glow in the dark, heat sensitive and magnetic that have their own uniqueness. All can be stretched, bounced, torn and popped. They are non-toxic, never dry out and leave no residue on hands or surfaces.  Buy them from ThinkingPutty.com for $11.00.
Eco-Friendly Bath Coloring Scenes – This environmentally friendly bath set comes with bubble bath, six soap crayons, two sponge erasers  and four coloring Stone Paper Endangered Species scenes. The Stone Paper is made from actual stone and uses no wood pulp or bleach. It does not rip or tear, but is completely biodegradable once no longer in use. Buy it on the Health Science Labs website here for $18.99.
Hatch ‘Ems – These realistic eggs have a little surprise in them. Submerge them in water and see little baby reptiles hatch within 48 hours. Also available in baby chicks eggs. Buy them at HeartSong for $9.98 for a set of 3.
Yummy Dough – A Easter basket would not be an Easter basket without something sweet to eat. Yummy Dough is moldable, eatable dough. Simply add water to the four color packs (red, blue, green and yellow) mold it, bake it and then eat it. Buy it on Amazon for approx. $9.29.


Next Week: Easter baskets for adults…..because why not!



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