Easter Fun – DIY Kits

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Ah, Spring is in the air and this year Easter Sunday is late in April (the 24th). I have yet to bring out our Easter decorations, but I am already looking forward to our family Easter traditions. Egg decorating and an Easter Egg hunts are always a part of Easter in our home and I have discovered some great products to enhance our traditions. Let's see if they will become a part of yours also.

Wikki Stix Decorating Kit – If you are not familiar with Wikki Stix they are made with hand-knitting yarn coated with a non-toxic wax (the same that you would fine in bubble gum and lipstick) that makes them stick either together or to any smooth surface. They are easy to peel off and reuse again. They do not break or tear and can be cut easily with a pair of kid-friendly scissors. They come in a rainbow of colors that do not stain or come off on surfaces. Wikki Stix has the perfect kit for decorating eggs to create a rabbit, a chick, a ladybug or anything else your child (and you) can imagine. Perfect for any child three and older. Buy them on ToysandGamesOnline.com for $6.95. They also have great favor packs, great little gifts for a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.
Eco-Eggs – These eco-friendly natural dyes, made from natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts (such as red cabbage and purple sweet potato) are perfect for any child two and over. They come in three primary colors – orange, blue and purple-with a color chart for creating a total of six colors. Buy them on LuckyVitamins.com for $10.99
Découpage Eggs – This kit comes with three goose eggs, tissue paper in a plethora of colors and designs (from vintage, floral and symmetrical) and all the paraphernalia you will need to découpage your keepsake eggs. This kit is great for children seven and over. You can buy this kit and three extra goose eggs at HeartSong for $24.98
Gingerbread Birdhouse Kit – How ‘tweet' is this? No longer just for Christmas this Gingerbread Birdhouse is perfect for spring with its sugar flowers, birds and spring colored jelly beans. Buy it here at HeartSong for $24.98
Downloadable Easter Hunt Kit – Who does not love an Easter Egg Hunt. Every year, however, I had to tell our oldest daughter not to tell her sister where her eggs were hidden and vice versa. No matter how I color coordinated them, labelled them or put their names on them, they always picked each others. So this year I discovered the perfect solution from Etsy artist Scenerie. It is a downloadable Easter Egg Hunt Kit where both girls will look for the same egg to discover the clue where the next egg is hidden. After 12 clues (more blank cards are included in case you would like to make the Treasure Hunt longer) they discover where their Easter baskets are hidden. The kit comes with instructions, tips, a chart and clue cards. I know the girls will love this. I see a tradition starting! Buy this downloadable kit here for $4.00

Next  week – Wait until you see what we found to put in your Easter baskets (or should I say what the Easter Bunny found)!


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