Fall Fashion Craving: Velvet

crushing hard on velvet this fall

The last noteworthy velvet garment piece I owned was a velvet dress. I wore at university prom about… 30 years ago. I still remember it fondly because it was quite a statement dress. Black silk velvet that – by all appearance – was all prim and proper with its long sleeves and high neckline. But then, surprise, it had a vava-voom plunging décolleté in the back. Boom.

It was gorgeous, elegant and sexy. And it was also a complete nightmare to care for. I had to be oh-so-careful not to crush or soilRolls of velvet fabric the velvet in any way or it would be damaged forever. No mercy. I only wore it twice.

There's a reason why velvet was once the fabric of royalty: Wool or silk velvet is really expensive and it takes considerable effort (or staff) to maintain and store properly. Velvet can't be ironed, washed or folded lest it leave permanent creases and marks upon its luscious pile.

No wonder I haven't worn velvet since the 90's.

Thankfully, today's velvet fabric has evolved to make it much more affordable, wearable and easy to care for. With that, I've started ogling velvet clothing and accessories. Though the velvet trend hit the fashion runways a few months ago, it's still not easy to find well constructed and quality velvet pieces unless you're shopping the luxury market. Still I did find some goodies below that can allow me to enjoy this luxurious fabric without breaking the bank. Well, mostly…

A word of advice before we get started. Velvet is a luxe fabric that is best consumed in small doses. Use velvet as an accent, meaning, pick just one velvet piece to wear at a time. There is otherwise a great danger of overkill.


Velvet garments work well for daytime wear when you mix hi-lo to balance out the lush fabric in a more casual way. Or, choose a piece where that dichotomy is inherent to the piece, like in the sporty bomber jacket that is rendered in luscious velvet.



Instant luxe that elevates the whole outfit. Jewel tones preferred.



When you need just a “velvet touch” and not much more.


Ah. Velvet. I hope you too will find a way to enjoy this sumptuous fabric this fall and winter.



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