Father’s Day Gift Guide

It was during a Mother's Day church sermon in 1909 that the thought of having a “Father's Day” was born. Sonora Smart Dodd, in Spokane, Washington was raised solely by her father, after her mother died when she and her five siblings were young. She felt that fathers deserved as much recognition as mothers. Although Father's Day has been around for over 100 years it was not until 1972, when President Nixon proclaimed the third Sunday in June as officially Father's Day.

Ok, so we know that the tie, the socks, the bottle of Scotch and the golf accessories are the classic gift for Father's Day, but we also know that you'd like to go in another direction. Here are some other ideas:

The Newbie:  What better way for a new dad to show his love for his child then with these Groupie/Rockstar father/child t-shirt sets. The child's tee can be either pink or black and up to a 4T in size. They will be rockin'! Buy from this Etsy artists Kari McLennan for $27.00. Also check out her Old Block/Chip father/son t-shirt set.
The Proud Papa: A t-shirt that states ‘I am DAD' really says it all. Or so you would think. Inscribed on the back of the tee is the deeper meaning of what this simple three letter work really means. This is a limited edition t-shirt and can be bought from Peace Love World for $45.00.
The Stylist: Think of all the things that the dad in your life loves and have them stamped on this fashionable sterling silver and 14k gold belt buckle handmade by jeweler Heather Moore. It will surely be the only statement piece that he will ever need to wear. Contact Heather Moore directly to have personalized. $1890.00.
The Accessorizor:  We wrote an article about Men's cuff bracelets and omitted to mention this noteworthy one. Handmade by South African Artist Jeffery Levin, this red leather bracelet with sterling silver beads and clasp has a great cool factor. Buy directly from this eclectic jewelry artist for $280.00
The Sports Fan: What do you do with old wooden stadium seats that have been replaced by newer (and more comfortable) plastic ones? You make accessories with them, of course!  If you know a dad that is a fan of Major League Baseball, this just may be the piece of nostalgia for him. Each item has a piece of an old wooden seat from one of the major stadiums across the United States; from Fenway Park to Wrigley Field. To see a list of all the stadiums and accessories available go Tokens & Icons …recycled nostalgia.
The Adventurist: This survival kit has everything you need to stay alive longer. Instead of carrying a backpack filled with compass, whistle, knife, fishing hook and line, LED light, signal mirror and more, this SOL Origin Survival Kit fits in the palm of your hand. A must have when heading out to mountain bike, cross country ski or just hiking in the back country. Buy from Amazon approx. for $50.00.
The Mixologist: For the ‘shaken, not stirred' dad this Graffiti Cocktail Shaker may bring out his alter ego. One thing for sure, it is bound to inspire colorful Happy Hours. One will wonder what concoction he comes up with next. Buy on Fred Flare for $30.00.
The Wine Connoisseur: If you are like me,  you have a drawer full of wine stoppers that does a mediocre job of sealing a bottle of wine. Although it is unusual in my house for wine to turn, occasionally we do not finish a bottle and the wine ends up in my cooking wine section in the fridge. Quite a shame for the grand crus. The Winedoctor has made a stopper that shows that the seal is holding by a built-in red indicator. Buy the Winedoctor Kit Elite from the Winedoctor for $29.95.
The Beer Drinker: Not to leave the beer drinkers out, these Bottoms Up beer glasses are shaped like an upside down beer bottle. Made from hand blown glass they are designed with double wall glass so the beer stays cold and your hands stay dry. Buy on Amazon for about $20.00 for a set of two.
The Food Lover: What dad would not enjoy a treat of summer sausage, beef jerky, herb cheddar cheese and handmade rosemary crackers gift set. Take him on a picnic and make a day of it. Buy this Rogue Valley Gourmet Food Sampler from Foodzie for $37.00 and check out all their other delicious gift sets too.
The Music Lover: These Skullcandy Double Agent Wireless Headphones are also an MP3 Player. Simply insert your SD card into the headphones and you are good to go. No wires and no carrying an MP3 player. Buy from Amazon for approx $60 – $70.
The De-Stressing DadTrek Light Gear has made the perfect portable hammock. Weighing a total of one pound this hammock is no slouch since it can hold up to 400 lbs. Hang it pretty much anywhere. Perfect for the dad and his kids to share. Buy from Daily Grommet for $59.95.
The Environmentalist: Time for dad to upgrade his ten speed college bike? This sustainable bike is made from bamboo (you know we love bamboo) making it very light weight and very urban. Dad will have no problem leaving the wheels at home and taking this ride to work. Buy from ahalife for $1295.00
The Businessman: Made from discarded tractor tires this line of PASSCHAL bags makes even the most picky capitalist approve of going green with its sleek styles. Now that is, shall we say, eco-ture and at a reasonable price. Buy directly from PASSCHAL for $239.00

For me, I will honor my father and father-in-law by wearing a white rose that day, as Sonora Smart Dodd suggested over 100 years ago, for a father who has passed away.

Happy Father's Day!


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