Favorite – Clear Page Clutter with the Readability App

The Succulent Wives are taking a little (very little) time off this summer. While we are still actively working on bringing you new content and ideas every week, we have also decided to bring back some of our favorite posts from the archives, those that are still timely, relevant, useful and that deserve to be revisited. Thanks for allowing us to recharge. We promise that we will be coming back with more new ideas and recommendations for cool stuff than you'll know what to do with…

We wrote about this Readability app over two years ago. In that amount of time, website clutter has not really gotten worse (thankfully, pop up ads are no more obnoxious now than they were then), but the amount and variety of content that we have access to has multiplied. A good way to cope and stay on top of things is to be more efficient about it all. Readability is still highly relevant and perhaps more necessary now than before. Here's what we wrote about Readability in 2010.


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