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The Succulent Wives are taking a little (very little) time off this summer. While we are still actively working on bringing you new content and ideas every week, we have also decided to bring back some of our favorite posts from the archives, those that are still timely, relevant, useful and that deserve to be revisited. Thanks for allowing us to recharge. We promise that we will be coming back with more new ideas and recommendations for cool stuff than you'll know what to do with…


The whole subject of water becomes particularly relevant as summer bears 100 degree heat upon us.

We need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate everyone tells us. Of course we do. But at what cost? At a big environmental and health cost if we continue our irresponsible love affair with the plastic bottle.

We mentioned Tapped the Movie in November 2009. While we are seeing more and more people toting their own reusable water bottles we are still seeing an insane number of plastic water bottles being bought and discarded every day. As is quoted in the movie, “Bottled water is the biggest advertising and marketing trick of all times…”. Are we all suckers for these marketing ploys? I think not. Let's react accordingly.

It's a film worth seeing and sharing, especially to further convince us that we need to get off of our plastic bottle addiction.

Next, plastic bags…

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