Favorite: Waiting For Superman – The Movie

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By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

We wrote about the movie, Waiting for Superman, two years ago, before its release date. In the event you are not familiar with this documentary, it is about the U.S. school system, on how once the best in the world, is now utterly failing our kids. Told through real life stories of five students and their parents, and their struggles as they try to escape their neighborhood public schools for higher-performing public charter schools. Directed by the same filmmaker of An Inconvenient Truth, Davis Guggenheim, once again, tries to raise awareness, make people care and push toward a solution. TakePart, a website that focuses on real issue documentaries helps inspire, empower, and ignite people, posted an article last year stating that real changes, albeit minimum, had been made in some states.  However, more than half of all the states have not made any changes at all. So, with a new school year upon us there are three things that you can do;

1) Read the article we wrote about Waiting For Superman.

2) Watch Waiting For Superman on Netflix.

3) Go to Waiting For Superman's website and see what actions you can do to make a difference.

Whether you have children or not, it does takes the entire village to raise our children.

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