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The Succulent Wives are taking a little (very little) time off this summer. While we are still actively working on bringing you new content and ideas every week, we have also decided to bring back some of our favorite posts from the archives, those that are still timely, relevant, useful and that deserve to be revisited. Thanks for allowing us to recharge. We promise that we will be coming back with more new ideas and recommendations for cool stuff than you'll know what to do with…

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor


Not to appear vain, but turning 50 has made me look a little closer at my face. Although sometimes I cringe at what I see, my thoughts go back to having my face read many years ago. I wrote a book review on The Wisdom of Your Face” by Jean Haner last year. I still refer to the book and it gives me comfort knowing that my face tells me a lot more about me than just the fact that I am aging.

Here it is. Find our what your face says about you.


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