Find a Tutor. Save Some Tears.

The school year has barely begun and the stress is already palpable. You feel it too? Especially if you have a high-schooler and most especially if that kid is a junior; ACTs, SATs and trying to keep those grades up for college admissions. Oh, the stress indeed. And, we’re not sure whether parents stress out more than the kids themselves, but we know that a good tutor could help overcome learning humps.

And then, just the thought of finding the right tutor with the right credentials compounds the general level of anxiety. How much can you trust the advertising flyer posted on your grocery store's community grocery store? Is the guy listed on Craigslist legit? Why are all recommended tutors charging $75 an hour?

Turns out that the internet and some enterprising young men are at the rescue. Indeed, Aaron Harris, Josh Abrams and Ryan Bednar founded Tutorspree when they saw the need in the marketplace for a better student-tutor matching system.

More precisely, Tutorspree is an online marketplace that helps parents find the right tutors, locally, for their kids in various subjects (math, language, science) or for specific issues such as test prep, study skills and special needs.

When searching in my area for tutors by subject (math is our issue!), I received several results showing me tutors that were university or graduate school and some phD’s as well. The rate for each tutor ($15 to $40 an hour in this case) is immediately displayed and their profile information includes their qualifications, a photo and first name and their general location. That's just enough information to make a choice, or at least to start a discussion to see if this might be the right fit. Tutors have been screened by Tutorspree and additional feedback is also available from parent feedback and peer reviews.

It’s a great system. I wish this had been around when my son (now in college) had been in high school. Might have prevented a few tears. And, I mean mine.

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4 Responses to Find a Tutor. Save Some Tears.

  1. I feel your stress! Tutors have made our life so much easier. There is another similar on-line agency that we have used called Wyzants, such a smart idea, it made the selection process so much easier. Good luck this school year!

  2. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the great writeup! We’re so happy you think what we’re doing is useful. Next up, we’ll work on building a time machine so we can go back in time and help you with tutors when your son needed them!

    And, if he needs a tutor in college, we can help there as well – there’s quite a few tutors on our site focused on college material.

    • The Succulent Wife says:

      Thanks Aaron! A time machine would solve so many other problems too! ;-P
      In the meanwhile, congrats again on developing a great resource service!!

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