Food, Inc. Know Where Your Dinner Comes From

food-incEric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation (2001) book really got me started in 2001 (read excerpts here). Hardly walked into a McD again unless under extreme duress (when there were NO better choices. It happens). It was the eye-opener that I needed. I'm afraid that Food, Inc. might just push me over the edge and I'll become a fanatical activist. Still, we should all be informed about a product that determines our survival, don't you think?

Food, Inc. is now showing in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco with wider release starting next week. I'll get to see it in a couple of weeks in Evanston, IL ('cause it looks like it's never coming to Las Vegas. Figures!). The movie brings forth the food production issues of genetic engineering, cloning, factory farming, farm worker safety and environmental impact, among others.  See it!


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