Gaia Herbs – “Meet Your Calm” Giveaway

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Gaia Herbs logoRight now, all I want in life is to get a good night's sleep. I know this sounds dramatic, but being menopausal and having the stress of temporarily relocating back to my homeland, as well as renting one home and selling another, I am seriously lacking sleep.I know that having an active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet are the first steps to having a restful sleep but it is just not enough right now to combat my insomnia. I am now disrupting my husband's sleep, by doing things like playing Words With Friends at two in the morning. He is now suggesting that I get a prescription for sleeping pills. Say what?! There has got to be another solution?

Herbs have been a popular remedy for stress relief for generations and Wild Oat seeds are known to promote relaxation. We all know that Meet Wild Oats Gaia Herbsoatmeal is good for you because of its high fiber content and nutrients but it is the wild oat seed that contains relaxing properties that eases stress on the nervous system and acts like a natural sedative. The seed is rich in protein and minerals and is especially high in potassium and magnesium.

Gaia Herbs has a variety of supplements that include Wild Oats to help with a good night's sleep. All Gaia Herbs are 100% vegan, with no animal byproducts and free of pesticides and heavy metal toxicity. Get Gaia Herbs free App for your iPhone that traces the herbs used in your supplement bottle; from where they were grown and harvested, all the way to the bottle.

As an added bonus, download some of Gaia Herb's beautiful images onto your iPhone or desktop to help “Meet Your Calm”.

Gaia Herbs would like to offer one of our readers a (1) $100 Amazon Card and (1) $100 Gaia Herbs Gift basket to “Meet Your Calm”. Enter through the Rafflecopter link below.

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11 Responses to Gaia Herbs – “Meet Your Calm” Giveaway

  1. Laura P. says:

    I need calm and balance because stress is beginning to have an impact on my health. I do drink some herbal teas and have started doing yoga.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m actually hoping to win this for my husband. He has switched from caffeine and is truly enjoying his afternoon teas. Would be such a lovely gift.

  3. Pam B. says:

    I have sleep apnea (newly diagnosed) I have a C-Pap Machine with an oxygen machine attached to feed extra oxygen into the mask to help me breathe. It is very noisy. Once I get to sleep,I sleep. I just have a hard time getting to sleep. I would like to try the tea. It sounds promising. I like that it is natural.

  4. Lynda Del says:

    I need the serenity because I get overwhelmed at work pretty often.

  5. louise says:

    I am menoapausal also and I could use any help I could get to have a restful night’s sleep!

  6. Michelle Hudak says:

    My job stresses me out; I work 2nd shift and can never fall asleep when I get home and I know not getting enough rest contributes to my stress

  7. Danai says:

    rafflecoper not working but I would love to win. I’ve heard great things about Gaia and I could certainly use some calming and balance. Thanks!

  8. Sarah S says:

    Work stresses me out. PMS stresses me out.

  9. Penny Snyder says:

    I work in a very stressful job & it’s hard to come home at night, relax, unwind, and forget about the day!

  10. j says:

    HA Sleep!? What’s that?
    Audrey, I don’t have near as much stress in my life as you do –
    I would die before my head hit the pillow if I did.
    Stress wears on everyone differently….
    I could use some Herbal Relaxation…What the heck!

  11. Annie says:

    Sleep what’s that? Help!

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