Gem Bar ~ Design Your Own Jewelry for Mother’s Day

I'm pretty sure most women will agree: Jewelry is ALWAYS a welcomed gift. Especially if it has sentimental value, as when the jewelry piece is composed of gemstones which each (could, but don't have to!) represent a special family member.

Erin Gallagher's Gem Bar can help us create such customized jewelry designs quite easily. Her company offers a great choice of “Design Your Own” jewelry pieces, whether it be necklaces, earrings or bracelets. For Mother's Day, I really like the idea of a pendant necklace where each gemstone would represent the birthstone of a child, and heck, why not, even that of the husband or anniversary.

Gem Bar's Design Your Own system is very easy to follow thanks to the customization tools which allow to immediately visualize the chosen colors or textures of stone and metals. Orders placed before 2pm Central Time are shipped the next day. Wow.

You will also like to know that Gem Bar is very aware of environmental and global issues.  All the metal used in the company's jewelry is reclaimed (recycled) and all their stones are conflict-free. They have trees planted in South America to offset shipping costs. All pieces are handmade in the Chicago studio.

Certain women – like me – will appreciate the fact that the sentimentality of this jewelry piece goes incognito, i.e. no engraved names or initials or kiddie stick figure. Just a simple stone to represent each loved one, or a cluster of gems within easy reach, to touch and remind us of what's important.

Shop Erin's Gem Bar for Design Your Own or other collection pieces.

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