Getting Help Getting it Done ~

So, how long has it been since you bought that new ceiling fan? It's still sitting in the box because you never got around to getting the ladder you need to install it. Or the electrician… And how about that mountain of ironing that has been piling to the point that it has now become an unmanageable chore? Or how about getting some help to get those Christmas lights down already, huh?

We CAN'T do it all. Even the best intentioned among us. That's the cruel reality. So, instead of having all this unfinished business haunt us, let's deal with it ok?

I can say that now because I just found a practical and cost-effective way to “get it done”. It's called TaskRabbit and it's a web and mobile marketplace that safely connects neighbors to get everyday and skilled tasks done. Like all the stuff mentioned above to other tasks like assembling IKEA furniture (cringe), cooking, running errands, helping with events, pet care and anything else (legal!) you can think of. The best part is that you name the price you’re willing to pay and the community bids to do the task. You then select the TaskRabbit (that's the person doing the task!) of your choice based on profiles and ratings. Good to know that all TaskRabbits have gone through an interview process that includes a background check for added safety and reliability.

Here's a short video clip that will further explain how TaskRabbit works:


Get things off your To Do list AND get connected to people in your community that will help you to “get it done”. It's a win-win. TaskRabbits earn a few dollars helping people who in turn get some time back in the day to do what they love.

Now,  let me go find someone who will teach my dog some manners…

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