GGAB, aka the Gift Giving Advisory Board

The Gift-Giving Advisory Board has a serious mission.


That is, to educate citizens of all gender, size, age and rank to become better gift givers; to ban the practice of re-gifting as all gifts hereupon received will be appreciated and cherished; to make the “Why Did You Buy Me That?” type of websites devoid of all relevance and usefulness (a noble goal, you must admit!).

Its expert advisory board members include a network of 3 popular gift-oriented sites: proposes wonderful and unique gift selections that stay true to “buy-indie” passions, a movement for which we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.
  The Succulent Wife focuses her recommendations on meaningful gifts, the kind that tell a story and are used long after they’ve been unwrapped.
  Miss Malaprop has been hand-picking the best in handmade and eco-friendly finds since 2006, and has gained a legion of loyal fans along the way.


Culling from our diverse areas of gift-giving expertise, our gift guides – always and only – feature by-invitation-only companies and designers so that we can create exceptional curated guides of highly coveted and unique gift ideas.

For our four web properties, our numbers look like this (as of Sept 2012) – and growing:

Unique Visitors: 95,000+

Page Views: 210,000+

Facebook Likes: 7,900

Twitter Followers: 7,800

Email Subscribers: 15,500

Besides broadcasting our gift guide content on the above channels, we also post said gift guides on Posterous, Pinterest, BlogHer, Divine Caroline and various other online publications.

Please email us at advertise {at} theSucculentWife {dot} com for more information and details on customized advertising packages.