Gift Idea: Panty by Post {Dedicated}

Three years ago, we wrote a post on Intimates-of-the-Month Clubs that has proved to be very popular with our readers. There is one panty-of-the-month subscription company among the lot that stands out among the others: Panty by Post.

Panty by post

Panty by Post, a feel-good panty-of-the-month service, was launched just a few years ago by Natalie Grunberg shortly after she discovered – and became quite taken with – the French way of life, its style and its joie de vivre. In particular, she admired French women's style which, she noted, did not stop at the layer of their outer garments but was also known to make its way all the way down to their undergarments.

You see, French women don't settle for generic underwear. It's a cultural thing. And this fact is explained in detail by Tonya Leigh in her blog post on the very subject. In a nutshell and, as Tonya reports and as Natalie firmly believes, what you wear under your clothes really, really matters. Sure, it's about seduction, but it's mostly about how you feel about yourself. The panties from the 2-for-1 bin at the big box store just don't have what it takes to make you feel sexy, charismatic or powerful. You know how getting showered, dressed and making yourself presentable for the day – even if you're just working from home – will make you feel more professional than if you sat in your pajamas all day? Same kinda thing.

Now, Natalie knows what French women know: that wearing beautiful underwear is “about embracing beauty, confidence and self-appreciation“. And that's the philosophy she imbues in Panty by Post, which has the perfect tagline of “a pretty panty mailed monthly”. With this service, you – or the friend to which you gift this to – can weed out, one by one, the granny panties and replace them with empowering, feel-good, energizing bikinis (or thongs or boyfriend briefs). And don't you dare think that beautiful panties are reserved for the young. Natalie has a 71-year-old customer who has been subscribing for two years. You're never too old for a sexy pair of underwear. French women know that.

Panty by Post – How it Works

It's super easy:

  1. Select your subscription level: Every Day Basics (comfy elegance -$15/month), Premium Luxe (high-end fabric, ultra feminine – $35/month) or Signature Line (sexy, unique – $22/month).
  2. Select your style: brief or thong or let Panty by Post choose.
  3. Select your size. If you're buying a gift subscription, make your best guess for style and size and the gift recipient will easily be able to make changes necessary.
  4. Select a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

Natalie selects every panty herself by traveling to the manufacturer. Many of the panties are sourced in Columbia, from companies that support disadvantaged women by providing them fair wages and the opportunity to work from home.

Knowing all this now, don't you want to ditch the ratty underwear and upgrade to something that will make you feel glorious and confident and sexy? Yeah. What a great gift to yourself or to friend who needs to feel the same way.

Ready? Valentine's Day is a perfect time to get started. Panty by Post is offering our readers $15 towards any 3, 6, or 12 month subscription using code Heart15 (Expires Feb 28, 2015). BTW, you can also shop men's and bridal underwear.

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