Gift Ideas for the Well-Groomed Dad

Ok, so the term “metrosexual” is done with. Can't use it anymore (understandably, men find it offensive). But certainly doesn't mean that men are caring any less about personal care and grooming. Au contraire, men are now under almost as much pressure as us women to keep up appearances. And there are now wonderful products that can help us help our men to take better care of their skin… So that now they can be equally beautiful inside and out!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for Father's Day gift ideas in the personal grooming category:

The Art of Shaving Power Shave Set: This beautifully packaged Power Shave Set includes a sleek new ProGlide razor design (the latest technology from Gillette), and travel sizes of the Art of Shaving pre-shave oil, shaving cream pump, after-shave balm and genuine badger shaving brush. Available at the Art of Shaving for $150.
Best4Men – Men's Ultimate Grooming Toolkit: A very manly presentation to encourage your guy to take care of all his personal grooming needs. A collection of twelve award-winning skin, hair, and face products are cleverly packaged in a 19″ Stanley toolbox. Buy at Best4Men for $145.
Moustache Wax Action Pack: With moustaches being all the rage of late, it's possible that your man might venture into sporting one – if he isn't already. These waxes will style mustaches and beards and have them smell great too. Man's Face Stuff handmakes its moustache wax in Portland, OR. This action pack comes with three 1 oz tins of each scent variety: Gin & Tonic, Red Hot and All Nighter plus a tube of Unscented wax for mid-day touch-ups. Buy from Man's Face Stuff on Etsy for $26.00.


Razorpit: This gadget extend the life of a razor blade by removing the fine residues of hair, skin and soap that make razor blades dull. In essence, the Razorpit revitalizes the blade so that it lasts up to 10 times longer, or up to 150 shaves. Can save your guy more than $200 in the first year alone. Buy the Razorpit here for for $25.
Carzor Portable Credit Card Razor Wallet Shaver: Know a guy that likes to look perfectly shaven at any moment of day say, especially right before a big meeting? Consider getting him the super slim wallet-sized razor that also incorporates a mirror for on-the-go shaving. Buy at Gadget Fever for $13.79.
The Gentlemen's Refinery Travel Trilogy The Standard: TSA-approved travel packs contains travel-sized pre-shave oil, shave cream and after shave balm. The Gentlemens Refinery personal care line for men is made of 100% pure and natural products, paraben and alcohol free. Buy at The Gentlemens Refinery for $48.
Menscience's Daily Face Kit: For the man who you think can take the “beauty regimen” one step further, this kit includes a facial exfoliating scrub, facial cleanser, oil-free moisturizing cream and face brush. Because, yeah, they deserve glowing skin too! Buy at Menscience Androceuticals for $85.

Let us know what other ideas you might have! We'll add them to the list!

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