“Gift in a Card” vs Gift Cards – Quick gifts to send in the mail

Certainly, retail or restaurant gift cards have their place in gift-giving, but most occasions require us to be more creative and personal than that. That's we're talking “gift in a card” as opposed to “gift card” here. Something that's just as easily mailable but much more thoughtful.

Isn't it a rare occasion these days, and a happy-making one, to receive a personal note in the mail? A piece of personal mail addressed by hand to you is the very representation of the act of thoughtfulness from someone who cares for you. And, because it's so old-fashioned, it's now completely modern.

Sometimes, in wanting to show that friend, family member or special colleague that we care and are thinking of them, a handwritten note is not enough while a full-fledged packaged gift might be too much. And, mailing anything larger than a regular sized envelope is too much trouble. Which is precisely why these ready-to-go cards make the perfect quick gifts to send in the mail. Affordable and no fuss.

Just put a stamp – or two – on it and you'll delight someone.

Plus, a “gift in a card” offers an extra token of fun and thoughtfulness while steering us away from the predictable gift cards.


Here are some of our favorite “gift in a card” picks:

Tattly Temporary Tattoo Gift in a Card Tattoo Greeting Cards – Tattoos are all the rage but some of us are not willing to commit, especially if the emotion is ephemeral. But we may be willing to wear that sentiment with a temporary tattoo. Broooklyn's Tattly temporary tattoos are designed by professional artists out of safe, non-toxic materials printed with vegetable inks. We're loving these greeting cards that each include one of their cool tatts. Shop Tattly.
Bolsters Mills Card with Hankie Gift in a card


Hanky Cards by Bolsters Mills – This Etsy shop designs cards that each include a vintage handkerchief. These definitely make a one-of-a-kind keepsake gift. Think bridal, anniversaries, thank you's and thinking of you's. They also do custom orders. Shop here.

Heart the Moment Paper Tiaras in Gift in a Card Paper Tiaras – We have mentioned Fern's Heart the Moment paper tiaras before. What the perfect way to underscore a birthday or other event for someone you care for but can't be with. The effect of wearing these tiaras (versions for men too) is an immediate party mood. Shop all the paper tiara designs here.
Bloomin Seed gift in a card Garden Grams – Send a card and sentiment that will grow into something beautiful. So cheesy. And so completely charming. Garden Grams by Bloomin' are seed-implanted cards that will grow flowers, fruits or veggies. Love their tagline: “What you says grows”. Perfect. Shop here.
PinTwist Mailing Gift in a Card PinTwist Gift Card – I discovered PinTwist at a recent trade show a few months and have used it in my hair practically every single day since. PinTwist is a giant bobby pin that works to put your hair up in a variety of stylish styles in just a second (French twist for me). And, it stays put fabulously. Send a single PinTwist as a gift to a girlfriend (who might find herself in a “hairy” situation maybe?) with this card. Buy PinTwist on Amazon.
LovePop 3D Cards LovePop Cards – More of a keepsake that a greeting card, these pop-up cards will likely be left on display for a while. Intricate and amazing to look at, these 3D paper sculptures pop-up cards are little pieces of engineering artwork. More expensive than a regular greeting card but with exponentially more impact. Shop every card occasion here.

Of course, you could always make your own quick-gift mailing card. Think of flat, light items like a bookmark, a pocket square, a mini paper mobile, a piece of origami, a paper doll … Little delights that would put a smile on any face.

Just make sure that you address the envelope by hand for full effect.


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