Glamping, Part One – Agreeable Camping For The Not So Outdoorsy Types

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

My (not so original) line, when I'm asked if I like camping is “My idea of camping is the Best Western”. I have lost many potential friends with that response. But, then again, my idea of friendship involves more than just the shared (read frustrated) experience of pitching the tent and moaning over sleepless night because the inflatable mattress deflated during the night.

It's not that I don't like the outdoors. I just don't like to unnecessarily suffer for the privilege of being outdoors. No electricity, nearest bathroom is 500 yards away, uncivilized neighbors, lousy morning coffee, threat of mosquitoes, insects in general, reptiles and rodents… Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm a diva in that regard. Oh, and then all the prep and packing work. That's ridiculous. I'd rather stay home. Me and my inner very chi-chi diva.

All that to say, that this new trend of glamping (glamorous camping, but I know you got that) seems to have been made to order for moi. Certainly, this is not a camping style for purist of the “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” kind. But there are times – and certainly, life stages – where the idea of glamor + camping is very appealing. Remember, it's all about being comfortable even while in the great outdoors, and with glamping, being a little excessive with the creature comforts is not only allowed, it is encouraged. No roughing it here!

With that in mind, I thought I would provide some ideas to get you started with your own glamping adventures. To begin, in case you are even more of a prima donna than I am, here are turnkey glamping solutions that won't require you to lift even so much as your little finger. No worries if you are a DIY-er. Next week's glamping article will feature lots of products to elevate your “regular” camping routine.

In the meanwhile… – “Your alternative guide to luxury camping and alternative accommodations“. That's the tagline and it pretty well sums up what this site is all about. It features national and international destinations for those who like to camp… with amenities! Is your preference a yurt, a motor home, a tree house, an igloo, a tipi or a safari tent? Find the type of glamping lodging that rings your bell here. – Go Glamping is similar to the above and features Glamping destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Oceania and a ton in the UK (where the trend is said to be born). There are definitely some unusual accommodations to pick from such as the gypsy wagons, the VW campers, the Bedouin tent and the geodesic see-through domes. See the choices here.
  Suburban Camping Co – You don't have to go far to “glamp”. In fact, you can hire an experienced outfitter from Suburban Camping Co. who will set up a campsite to your specifications in your own backyard. Create a classic camping event or go for an outdoor movie night or a girls' nite out-doors. Or stay at one of their pre-pitched campsites while attending one of these music festivals.
  National Glamping Weekend –  Just in time! The National Glamping Weekend is coming up June 2 -3, 2012. But this website is about more than just singing the praises of glamorous camping. The single page website features links to a whole bunch of glamping websites and blogs and features recent news about the glamping trend. Great resource for glamping locations, products and how-to's. Read more here.


Liking this trend? Stay tuned for our follow up piece next week, Glamping Part Deux – Glamorous Camping DIY.


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