Going Nude This Spring (Shoes!)

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

I still remember this from over three decades ago.

I was about 18 years old and my younger, Liza, was about 16. She admired a teacher of hers that would only wear one pair of shoes. But they were the perfect pair. And they were elegant and went with everything. And made her legs seem longer. The magical shoes were “skin-colored” pumps.

Liza was in awe. And though I had never seen the shoes, so was I. And for years, we both went searching for our own “skin-colored” pumps. For years and years. Until they finally came in vogue some 30+ years later.

That took a while.

Nudes and neutrals

Now, there is an over-abundance of “skin-colored” shoes and a more appealing name for them: Nudes.

As I went looking for some nude shoes for this coming spring, I had to narrow down my choices with the following criteria:

  1. Nude shoes being, uh, naturally “neutral” implies that the color should go with practically everything. That goes for the styling of the shoes too. So, they should have a classic (NOT boring) design that would snob the latest trend.
  2. They need to have a wearable heel. Nothing treacherous, please. I don't think that I'm about to break a hip, but I don't want to find out as I am (not) wearing six-inch stilettos.
  3. Since I want to wear these shoes as early as April (I would say March, but I don't hold much hope with the way this winter has been going), they have to be mostly closed shoes, no delicate strappy little sandals on this menu.
  4. Different heel heights must be considered for different occasions and for anticipated  standing time and walking distances to be had on such occasions…

Here then are some of my favorite bookmarks:


I'm heavily leaning towards the kitten heal pump. I know I will be able to slip them on with everything and anything. Hummmm…

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One Response to Going Nude This Spring (Shoes!)

  1. Liza says:

    Ah yes, the nude shoe! Sigh!I am still thinking about those shoes, many many years later but with a little more experience. I discovered skin tone is also a factor in choosing the shoe, not all nudes being equal. I own a few neutral colored sandals, included cork heels similar in color and texture to the ones you posted from Via Spiga. Yes, they are quite practical and they have served me well!

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