Gramsly ~ Care packages for seniors & grandparents

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

Every time someone questions the value and the use of Twitter, I like to raise the argument that, yes, real connections can Gramsly Care Packagebe made on Twitter and go on to mention several personal examples. The latest happening is with @Gramsly whom I met on Twitter thanks to a regular ol' follow. Always on the hunt for meaningful gift ideas, this one struck a nerve: Gramsly is a subscription service which offers care packages curated especially for the older adult and seniors. I instantly knew I wanted to share this service with my readers.

Mary Farrow started Gramsly this past January with the goal of helping people stay close to their older loved ones. She lives far away from her own parents and grandparents and likes to send them occasional care packages to let them know that she is thinking about them and loves them. Through this experience, Mary was reminded of how much older people LOVE receiving things in the mail and that thoughtful, carefully wrapped gifts are a powerful token of love and regard.

When Mary saw the reception her care packages were getting, she knew she wanted other people to have these gratifying experiences. So, she started Gramsly. Here's how it works:

  • Choose your Gramsly purchase level ($32 to $36 per care package) and provide a bit of background information on the senior who will receive the package: age, gender, favorite color, dietary restrictions and the like.
  • Choose to upload a photo to be added to the personal note which is sent along with your package.
  • Gramsly prepares a personalized box for your recipient, including 10 to 15 products such as snacks, personal care products and small, useful gift items and fun games.
  • Gramsly then tells you what's in the box and when it's delivered. You then get to follow up and hear how much it's appreciated.

Gramsly package recipient Each Gramsly box is uniquely customized for the recipient as each item placed in the box is hand-selected. Mary has done a lot of research to curate items that older people like and younger people will want to send: nutritious snacks that are tasty to an elder palate, fun games that keep the mind active, high quality personal care products for older, more sensitive skin (see product spotlights here).

Customers can also include a personal message and photo at no extra charge. These personal touches are especially meaningful for older people.

It's hard enough living far away from loved ones. And for us, the generation still caught in the hustle & bustle of working life, it's not easy to keep top-of-mind the people who mean so much to us. Especially the special seniors in our lives who have given us so much. Thankfully, Gramsly is in the business of helping family members connect and stay in touch with their loved senior family members. 

You can purchase Gramsly on this page where you will find three levels of subcription: single, quarterly or monthly subcriptions with pricing that varies from $32 to $36. We did a quick calculation, estimating all the attention, goodies, packaging and Gift Worthy Seal of Approvalshipping included in this price, and we think that Gramsly is a real deal.

But wait, there's more! 🙂  When Mary heard that we were featuring her story to our readers, she provided us with the following discounts: Enter code SIGNUP20 to receive 20% the first box on a quarterly or monthly subscription OR enter code SAVE15 for 15% off the purchase of a single care package.

Thanks Mary, for the codes, but ESPECIALLY for this very special service you are providing.

PS: you know how much we love subscription boxes as gift ideas. Here are some we mentioned before.

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4 Responses to Gramsly ~ Care packages for seniors & grandparents

  1. It sounds like a good idea, but I’d hate to get Large Print anything at this age!

  2. Billie Hollis says:

    I’d hate to get popcorn or large print and I am of that age – everything else sounds great.

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      So, it’s a good thing that the content in these boxes is hand-picked according to the recipient, huh?

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