Grand Occasions Deserve Calligraphy

Want to increase your odds of having your letter be opened? Address it by hand. If you want undeniable certainty that it will be opened first, address it in calligraphy. Hand calligraphy, that is.

I recently met with Katherine Glattard, an architect by trade and a calligrapher by passion. I’m in awe of her work. Of course, these days, most of us use a keyboard or a cell phone to write our communications. There is no charm in that. And now, when I must write the rare handwritten note, I find my handwriting awkward and confused, as if it fell prey to a particular case of writing-dementia.

This all makes the art of calligraphy becomes even more admirable.  And treasurable.

Katherine’s calligraphy services are mainly requested for weddings and other momentous events. When every single detail has been planned for a wedding, are you going to botch the first impression of the event by sending out a gorgeous invitation slipped in a computer-labeled envelope? Non, non, non. A formal wedding demands top-notch invitations that will cost a pretty penny. Certainly, it’s worth adding the elegant finishing touch of calligraphy that will create that important first impression and ensure that the invitation gets the attention it deserves. Plus with beautiful artwork like that, it’s almost a gift made to your guests.

In her calligraphy practice, Katherine offers offer 15 different types of font. Each letter is immaculately drawn by hand using the hand-dipped nib of her quill. She custom-blends her inks to match the color of the printing on the invitation. The photo you see below is a sample of Katherine’s work. Or, I should say, her “rejects”, that look impeccable to my eye. So perfect is her work that I made the faux-pas of asking if she ever used felt pens, to which she graciously and humorously answered: “Using a felt pen would be like a top chef using Hamburger Helper.” This, my friends, is art.

Katherine applies her calligraphy on envelopes, bien sûr, but she will also hand-write menus, place cards and the invitations themselves. Pricing and font styles can be seen on this page. Contact her to discuss your specific needs. Katherine is in the Chicago area but has worked with clients throughout the nation. Should you be looking for someone in your specific area, you may want to visit this calligrapher's directory.

Remember the days when one would pride themselves on their beautiful handwriting? Today, handwriting is barely taught in schools because it is considered that “kids don’t need it”. Typing speed is what counts in this age. That is, until someone sees what beauty can be created when something as simple as an envelope is penned by hand.

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  1. Old Joe says:

    Very nice idea to make this service available, through the numerous artists listed, to any one who wants to make a difference when they send out personalized messages.

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