Grandma Shoes are the Shoe Silhouette of Summer

Grandma heels


In an interesting moment of reversal in ageism, older women are the new hot thing. See CNN's piece called “Throw Out the Granny Stereoptype” which just proves that grandmas just aren't the boring old ladies that you thought them to be.

CNN Style Grandma Stereotypes

It would appear that the young people are agreeing with this. We first saw twenty-somethings prematurely dye their hair in shades of grey, perhaps as a nod of reverence to the confident, mature woman? Now it's the shoes. This time, an ode to the sensitive heels of grandma's shoes.

Because you probably know how I feel about unwearable shoes, this trend could not be more exciting to me. It appears that even young women – with still intact, un-bunioned feet – are finding today's fashionable vertiginous heel heights a little hard to manage. So, they are opting for more sensible choices, like stack block heels under 2″. Totally walkable everywhere and wearable with most anything and fit for most occasions.

Our Favorite Grandma Shoes

The grandma heels are probably new to the Gen X and Gen Z crowd. But we know them better as forever classics. My suggestion? Splurge on these with a top quality shoe because you just know you will be wearing these until… the end. Not to be sinister, but get granny heels in black and in nude and you won't ever need another pair of shoes.

Enjoy our picks!

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What's not to love about grandma?


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