HAIR DYE-ARIE – A Madison Reed Hair Color Review

By Susan Keats, Contributor &  Seize-the-Day Propagandist


Dear Dye-arie,

It has been years since I have written. When was the last time? Was it way back when I read a story in Teen Magazine about simple hair highlighting? After putting my hair into rows of tiny braids and spraying on a lightener as instructed, I ended up with a head full of red polka dots.

Or maybe the time my big crush called after I put dye in my hair for the first time. I was only supposed to leave it in for 20 minutes, but I left it in for over an hour because I couldn’t bear to tell him that I needed to hang up the phone. I looked Goth for a few days until I had it professionally corrected.

Maybe it was after I saw a photo of myself and could see clearly what my mom had been telling me for years: my hair looked blotchy as a result of too many cheap boxed dye jobs.

, these days I spend so much time and money just to have someone else color my hair, I’ve been contemplating ending it all and just going gray. Maybe I should let my tresses be who they are…yet… I’m not sure I’m ready to look… grandmotherly. What should I do?

Madison Reed - salon quality hair color delivered to my homeTuesday

Dear Dye-arie,

Today I was asked by Boombox Network to review Madison Reed Hair Color. They are paying me to try out the product and give my honest opinion. Well dye-arie, maybe things are looking up!


Dear Dye-arie,
Today I looked up Madison Reed Hair Color. There are samples of colors that I can look at, but as always, I am confused about the color I want. I like the dark brown my hair used to be before I started messing with it so long ago (the irony!).

This is very cool though! The website says I can call, email, or chat online with a consultant who will help me to choose the right color. I picked up the phone and was immediately chatting with a super nice consultant who was eager to be helpful. She had me send a photo of myself to her and with her guidance, we narrowed down a few choices for me. Wow! I am really appreciating the customer service. Also, the website offers a few videos that show how to use the product. After watching, I have to admit this looks pretty easy. Could this be a new chapter in my hair-coloring story?

Wednesday (one week later)

Dear Dye-arie,

Product arrived! My gray is really showing now, but if I like what happens once I try this hair color, I can arrange for them to send a box automatically every month. That is very appealing for this busy gal. Seems like a no-brainer.


Dear Dye-arie,

Woke up this morning and took a photo of my gray streak.If I needed any further motivation to get coloring, this was it. Blech.

Grey hair before Madison Reed

I opened the box and got started. Right away I noticed a few things:

  • First, this product is beautifully packaged, and definitely makes me feel as if I’m about to do something special for myself.
  • Second, Madison-Reed comes with a blocking cream to keep the dye from coloring your skin. They do this in the salon and I appreciate having the stuff because I actually have stained my skin before.
  • Third, I wasn’t worried about running out of the product, there seemed to be plenty.
  • Fourth, it was thick enough to not be drippy, but thin enough to be very easy to spread through my roots.
  • Fifth, NO AMMONIA! It smelled good! Woo hoo!
  • Also, I didn’t need the extra gloves they gave me, but I appreciated the gesture.

messy daughter's room

Minor disappointment: I was under the impression while watching the videos on the website that the kit would also include the hair clips thatthey suggest you use when dividing your hair into sections. There were no hair clips. Somewhere in my house there used to be hair clips but I think my daughter must have them in her room….somewhere.

Yea, I’m not going in there.

So, I’ll have to buy some hair clips. Not such a biggie.



Dear Dye-arie,

I’m actually very pleased with the Madison Reed hair color product. It was quick and easy to use. The color is natural and exactly what I was looking for. The gray is covered, the color is dark brown with multi-tones of red, which I love. I like the salon quality of the whole experience and the price is waaaaay less than a salon. Another big perk, I don’t smell like ammonia. I’ll have to see if the color stays or fades away, but unless I decide to go blonde, or gray, or polka dotted, I may just have found the solution to my hair woes.

Thanks for listening Dye-arie, until next time…if there is a next time.

Results of Madison Reed hair coloring

Here is where you can order your Madison Reed hair color. Enter code “NEWYOU” to get 20% off and free shipping on your first order before 3/31/14.

Let us know if you try it!


Susan-KeatsSusan Keats ~ In 2010 Susan received life-changing news after a routine mammogram. She had breast cancer. After plenty of tears, anxiety and soul searching, she finished treatments and is now entering a year of renewal, growth, and recovery. Susan hopes that those who are just stepping into the experience of illnesses or crises will find the same comfort and inspiration that she felt when others shared their experiences and wisdom with her. She is looking forward to rediscovering parts of herself that she had allowed to fall away. This is going to be a great year!




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22 Responses to HAIR DYE-ARIE – A Madison Reed Hair Color Review

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  4. Gina Liston-Forrester says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING! Thanks for blogging an being an inspiration to those who may be entering a journey like yours.

  5. Simone says:

    You never mentioned what color of Madison Reed you were using?

  6. alsoasurvivor says:

    I am also a breast cancer survivor and don’t want to use harsh dyes. My dull brown hair is also about 1/3 gray and I haven’t used anything before as my doctors warned me not to. I saw that Henna products seem safer, but when I bought some and tried it on a lock of hair I had cut off, it seemed great at first but I later noticed a kind of rose or mauve tint to it which I have heard is even more evident in sunlight. In your picture it looks like there might be a slight violet tint to yours. Is that just the picture or does it leave a kind of secondary color? Congratulations by the way and you look great!

  7. alsoasurvivor says:

    p.s. I forgot to ask for notification with follow-up comments or responses to my last question. Please reply 🙂

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      Hi Also,

      I contacted Susan and here is what she answered: “The color had red undertones which I actually chose while discussing with the consultant. It did not have violet undertones, I think that is just the photograph. The best part is you can talk with someone online or over the phone and they will help you choose the color, so if Violet undertones are not at all what you want, Just let them know and they will help to choose the best color for you.”

      So, as Susan suggests, I would get on the phone with a Madison Reed color consultant to determine what might be the best color for you.

      Will you let us know how it works out?

  8. Ammie says:

    I’m looking for a titanium grey color. Please show me colors. Tried to find it on your site but would not let me choose the grey color.

  9. Ky lady says:

    I had breast cancer twice.
    Last time 4 years ago and lost a After coloring
    My hair for 16 years I decided to let the gray
    I cut it really short at Christmas. I have
    Not liked it since. I decided to try Madison Reed
    And just finished coloring. It looks great and no
    Smell. I am hoping it lasts.
    There is life after 70!!!

  10. jeanne Gari says:

    I also am a 1 1/2 yr. tnbc gal don’t want to use harsh chemicals but want to look glamorous again . It’s shipping now, I’m excited 🙂

  11. Felicia says:

    Hope this finds you well. Also a three year survivor. 2 more years of meds to go. My hair is really short. Can you please let us gals know if your gray covered for 4 weeks?

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      Hi Felicia, Good to know of your recovery! About your question, I will ask Madison Reed to chime in but, from my experience, the hair that you color will stay colored, provided that you wash and condition with color-safe products. The new growth at the roots will be your own color. I hope this helps…

    • Madison Reed says:

      Thanks for the heads-up, Anne Marie!

      Felicia, first off, huge kudos to you for being a survivor. We are sending you lots of love!

      We are constantly amazed and humbled by the women who use Madison Reed and are also survivors. We just wrote about one such fighter here: and another here:

      Now, about your hair =) It’s difficult to say if you will need to re-color in four weeks, so here’s what we recommend. Talk, chat or email one of our colorists. Then, when you figure out what to get, come back here and let Anne Marie know. The first one is going to be on us. It’s just a little something to give you what we call, Hello Beautiful. We want to support and empower you to continue living your life brilliantly.

      Here’s where you can contact us:

      Madison Reed

  12. Steviegirl says:

    Hi Susan, As of 01/16 I’m an 8 yr. survivor. I opted for prophylactic surgery and reconstruction after doing the aromatase inhibitor for a year, but unable to continue. The thing that was toughest for me was not knowing a soul at the time who was going through it–I felt so alone, until I met 3 terrific women who were all survivors and were there when I needed moral support. Or morale support! I am rooting for you, and I am available for chat or any information I can give you, if I could be of any help at all. Please don’t hesitate, just say the word, and I’ll reply with my email. That goes for any other sister survivors or b/c warriors, too. You are all near and dear to my heart.

    And BTW, I have been getting my hair done at a great salon, but out of curiosity, I just ordered my first MR hair color kit.

    • Susan Keats says:

      Hi Steviegirl!

      I have been 5 years cancer-free, counting from my final treatments. My doc informed me I should count from the day of diagnosis, which would mean 6 years, but that feels like cheating. I live in constant worry that it will all return, and I know I’m not unique in that regard. Feeling isolated is tough and it can be even tougher if the choices you make for yourself are not supported by your doctors or others who are traveling down the same road as you. We are, nevertheless, sisters in a club we didn’t want to join, but it is filled with some of the most wonderful, spiritual and wise people I have met. I can describe the experience in any number of ways: a journey, a lesson in life, a life with new perspective, but that all seems trivial and my feelings about my experience fluctuate from day to day. I can only say, this is life. Here we are. Good luck to us! Hair color can make you feel great and I’d say that feeling great feels good and we all like feeling good. Whatever it takes. Good luck on your journey, lessons and new perspectives. Enjoy your hair color! Enjoy your life! xoxo Susan

      • Steviegirl says:

        Hi again, Susan. Thanks for your very sweet reply. I totally relate to your statement about making choices for myself that were not supported by my dr. The oncologist, because he was the one pushing for the Femara. I would not let him switch me to Arimidex, because I knew from other b/c veterans it would be six of one, half a dozen of the other, thus the prophylactic surgery. And a supplement that works similarly, but is approved by natural practitioners, without toxic side effects.

        Re my new Madison Reed hair color kit, I’m psyched to try it, once I get it. I’ll keep you posted on the results. Your color looks great, BTW! 10 or 20 years younger, which is bound to have a positive effect on the spirits. And I don’t believe anyone who says being in a good frame of mind isn’t important to survival!! It is. Exercise, too.

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