Halloween Short-Cuts – Costume Face Temporary Tattoo

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

I am not a huge fan of Halloween but having two young girls, I need to show some enthusiasm for their favorite “holiday”. This does not mean that I can't simplify things..

This year, we will prepare our traditional DIY decorations, like many of the ones I wrote about last year. As for the costumes, I am a huge proponent of Recycle-Reuse-Repurpose. No heading to a costume place to buy their favorite character costume. Anyway, this always makes me feel like “the worst mom ever”. I do take hand-me-down costumes and the girls' dress-up box is full of fun pieces around which we'll work to create fun costumes.

That said, I did discover a perfect way to complement our soon-to-designed costumes and, at the same time, receive brownie points from my daughters. The Game Face Company has a variety of stick on faces. They work exactly like temporary tattoos. Cut to size, place on face, dampen with wet cloth and peel paper backing off et voilà! Instant costume with whatever you have on hand! The tattoos will stay on until washed off with soap and water. They are not recommended for children under 6 year olds.

The Game Face Company originally started with SportFaces, as a fun way to show support for your favorite professional or college sport teams.

Buy directly from The Game Face Company for $4.99 each and $8.99 for the Glitterfaces.



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2 Responses to Halloween Short-Cuts – Costume Face Temporary Tattoo

  1. Those are amazing! I wonder (for real) if they make adult sizes or if the kids’ sizes would work on a grownup’s face. Oh I guess so if they’re the same folks who make game faces.

  2. Good read. It seems as if temporary tattoos are also being use as Halloween costume. Thanks for posting.

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