Happy Thanksgiving & Perfect Turkey Carving

Happy THANKSgiving!

You're all prepped. You have run back to the store (or sent your kids who can now drive) 5 times to pick up last minute (or like me, forgotten) items. You have planned to give the floor a good mopping and the kitchen counters a good cleaning just after the turkey goes in. You even thought of putting a fresh hand towel in the bathroom. Your table is set and candles ready to light. You timed your shower moment exactly, so that you actually have enough time to style your hair and finish your makeup (evenly, on both eyes). And you even have enough time to get dressed nicely and have 5 minutes to spare to put on those fashionable patterned tights, carefully, slowly, so as not poke a hole through them as you did last year(sh!t! a $25 of gorgeous tights ruined)…

You've got it all covered. To the last detail. And that includes carving the bird. Because you want the results of all your hard work to look just as elegant (i.e. not butcher) as the rest of your table setting. If you need some tips to perfect your turkey carving to create an iconic Thanksgiving scene, you might want to watch this video by Food Network personality, Alton Brown:



Or, if you have a good ol' electric knife, this video might work best for you:



However your turkey comes out, we wish you a very happy & loving Thanksgiving.

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  1. Dana Hoffman says:

    Very useful! Thanks for posting!

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