Hidden Pockets – Be Purse-Free for New Year’s Eve

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

My husband and I are actually going out this New Year's Eve. Although we usually do not make a big deal out of the over-rated evening, it is still fun to be a part of the elevated festivities. I dislike taking a handbag out with me on New Year's because of 1) the inconvenience of carrying it and 2) always being worried about it getting stolen should I leave it on my seat or table when I'm on the dance floor. I have had my husband put my lipstick in his pocket before, but that is the extent of what he is willing to carry for me. So I have discovered three nifty alternatives to a purse and my husband's pocket.

Not only are Wallet2Wear a secure place to hold your ID, credit card, key and cash but they can also be a stylish complement to your evening attire. No one would guess that your beautifully beaded bracelet is actually holding your valuables for the evening. Perfect for clubbing, bridesmaids and for athletes with the Sports Wrist Wallet. Buy here.
Portapocket is the perfect undergarment solution for going purse free. The Portapocket, available in a three sizes (including one that is perfect for carrying Epi Pens)which can easily be worn under your elegant outfit on either your calf, thigh or ankle.The pockets can easily fit your ID, cash, lipstick and, let's not forget, the disposable breathalyzer test that we mentioned in an earlier article. The PortaPockets are detachable for easy access and are interchangeable. Buy here.
We have mentioned Po Campo before. This company specializes in bicycle accessories and their Spare Pocket is functional even off the bike. Made with stylish fabrics and a leather strap, these Spare Pockets can be worn on the arm or ankle either over or under your outfit. It also has a reflective detail, useful to keep you safe and visible at night. Buy here.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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