Hook-Links is Not Just For Young Loves on Valentine’s Day

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

You know when you come across something that gives you such a sweet feeling? Well, Hook-Links did this to me. It brought me back to when I was younger (much younger), when my best friend Keri and I were inseparable. We lived within a short walking distance from each other and when we were not together, we were on the phone talking for hours! (I wish I could go back in time and listen to those phone calls.) We slept and ate at each others homes, we did sports together and even joined each others family vacations. What I remember the most fondly about our time together is that we laughed – a lot!

Today, I see young girls, like Keri and I used to do, hold hands while walking as they laugh, talk and use the entire width of the sidewalk as they move back and forth pressing into each other. Ahhh…Memories…. Keri and I would have worn Hook-Links magnetic friendship bracelets if they had been around when we were younger. These silicon magnetic bracelets come in five different colors and stick together when holding each others hand.  As you know, opposites attract and this goes for magnets also. Each bracelet has an engraved and embossed logo on each side that contains opposite magnetic charges, so you can always connect together.

The bracelets are the very symbol of friendship and togetherness. Which make them perfect, of course, for young loves also and a great gift idea for Valentine's Day.

Hook-Links bracelets can be purchased in small, medium and large size, on the Hook-Links website or on Amazon for $14.99. A great gift for kids, tweens, teens and adults alike to join in on a community that sticks together and a perfect symbol for Valentine's Day.

Keri and I are still best of friends. We no longer live down the street from each other but, when we do see each other, we still laugh and hold hands as we sway back and forth taking up the entire sidewalk.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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2 Responses to Hook-Links is Not Just For Young Loves on Valentine’s Day

  1. Mandy Vigil says:

    I’ve never heard of these before but LOVE it! I think I might buy a pair for my daughter and I. She’s only 6 and still thinks I am cool!

    • The Succulent Wife says:

      My daughter is 15. I don’t think she would have me in mind if I bought her a set! ;-( Enjoy & savor the moment!!

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