I Thought I was the Healthiest I Have Ever Been

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

The Succulent Wife is proud to be a program ambassador working with HumanaVitality®. By integrating rewards with healthy behaviors, HumanaVitality provides the tools and support necessary to help Humana members live healthier lives and furthers Humana’s Dream to Help People Achieve Lifelong Well-BeingSM. For more information about HumanaVitality, please visit the company’s website.

For us Boomers, it has never been more important to be and stay healthy. The fact is that we are all capable of living longer than our previous generations. Personally, I have no issue about getting old and, in fact, aging can be fun if you are strong and healthy.

I consider myself to be healthy, quite healthy. I keep active, eat well, (with a few transgressions) and I am happy to be a proponent of the idea that a glass of wine and a piece of dark chocolate per day can be part of my healthy regimen.

Several months ago I went to my doctor for my annual checkup. I was encouraged that she found nothing out of the norm and concluded that I was in good health for my age… Yay!

However, recently I completed the HumanaVitality Health Assessment and was quite surprised to see that my Vitality Age was 53. What? That’s two years older than I am!

This was a bit of a wake-up call for me. By exploring the website further, I realized that HumanaVitality could help me get healthier, which is the primary purpose of the wellness and rewards program.

HumanaVitality believes that the healthier we are, the better our quality of life. More importantly, being proactive about our health will lead to fewer trips to the doctor. HumanaVitality wants you to have peace of mind and therefore encourages you to receive a biometric screening (called a Vitality Checks®) for Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and BMI (Body Mass Index). This Vitality Check will inform you if you are at risk of serious health issues.

HumanaVitality offers interesting online courses on topics such as managing stress and improving nutrition, and provides valuable information on healthy living. With HumanaVitality, members set realistic health goals that are personalized for them individually. With an extra bit of information, I am now on a path to being the healthiest I have ever been.

Another interesting part of the program allowed me to sync a pedometer (purchased in the HumanaVitality Mall with my Vitality Bucks) so I could earn Vitality Points with daily fitness. I no longer need to guess if I am exercising enough. By simply syncing the pedometer I am able to track the miles I walk, run, hike, and the calories I burn! All the data is uploaded and monitored on my behalf. A handy HumanaFit smartphone app also keeps me on track with all my vital information.

To help motivate me even further, I can accumulate Vitality Points for many healthy decisions I make. These Vitality Points are then turned into Vitality Bucks that I can redeem for fun rewards, like movie tickets, digital cameras and gift cards in the HumanaVitality Mall.

HumanaVitality is simple to start and easy to integrate into your life. It gives you real results and helps to keep you on track and motivated.

And if you think it is too late to start something new, just watch this video. You will see inspirational stories of people who are now the healthiest they have ever been well into their 60s.

Anne-Marie and I are both participating in the program so we can monitor each other’s progress. Let us know if you’re a member and we can all be buddies helping each other out!

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  1. It is never too late or early to start getting healthy with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. It is awesome to find new tools to help inspire and motivate success.

    Thanks for sharing.

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