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Fear mongering is certainly not the goal of this post. But, as mentioned in a previous article, personal safety is something that we should all take seriously and we have to be smart enough to educate ourselves on the subject.

And, it’s from this perspective that I am would like to introduce you to a fantastic new brand (launched a while ago in the UK and new to the US) of personal security items. ila Security has developed a stylish line of personal alarms that are easy to carry and use. I approached the company to get more information on their products and was sent a Pebble Alarm and the ila Dusk alarm that I got to examine firsthand.

The ila Dusk is a very pretty gadget that I won’t mind carrying visibly somewhere on my bag (because it should be accessible!!). Of course, out of curiosity, I HAD to activate the alarm. This caused the dogs to run for their lives and for me to try to turn off the device as soon as I could fumble my way to get the pin back in. Quite effective! The ila Dusk (named after the Hindu goddess of Speech) emits a piercing 130dB women’s scream,  which is the sound known to be the most effective to shock and disorient an attacker, giving one more time to escape.  This solution might be particularly useful for the women who tend to freeze and lose their voices when frightened. No kidding.

The ila Pebble serves the same purpose as the ila Dusk but has a different “packaging”. The Pebble is meant to be attached to a keychain for easy access. This device emits a 130dB siren. It’s small enough to fit jean pockets and won’t go off inadvertently. You need to give the Pebble a purposeful tug for it to sound off. I have given this one to my teenage daughter, just in case…

Either of these is perfect for women of any age, from the student on campus to the woman in the city. It’s a comforting little device to have on one self.

I also really like the ila Wedge Door Alarm. I did not get to examine this one, but at 300dB, you can be sure that it’s effective. Probably a must for any dorm student who is not completely comfortable in her residence, or for the frequent traveler, especially when residing in the motel type rooms with outdoor access.

The ila Security products are currently available online in the US through The and will soon be found on Amazon.

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