Instant – Real Flame – Fireplace

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

Evenings are getting longer. And c-c-c-cooler. And though we have a fireplace in our house, we are notoriously lazy about lighting it up. We love the coziness effect, the warm ambiance a beautiful fire creates, but between you and me, it's sooooo much work. And I'm just thinking about the getting the firewood in the house part…

So, I'm thinking of going instant. As in Instant Fireplace.

No, I'm not talking fireplace DVD here (cute, but where's the heat?)

No, no, no. I'm talking a fireplace with real flames and capacity to heat up the place a little. And ideally, it's portable too.

I've seen these in fancy hotel lobbies and restaurants and found an affordable source for the instant fireplace for the home from Brasa. These freestanding fireplaces are fueled by renewable biofuel that burns clean. They don't need special ventilation, nor gas connection, nor flue, nor chimney, nor special installation. You can put them anywhere – and, if small enough, move them where you want them – and they will work both indoor and outdoor.

The model pictured above is called the Camden and retails for $585 (that's a song compared to other “designer” versions in the market). With a unit this size, it's not just pretty… There is actually a heating effect- depending on the size of the room and other factors – where a vent-less fireplace will raise the ambient temperature by a few noticeable degrees. To “perfectly nice and cozy” if you ask me.

Brasa also makes pillar and tabletop versions they call Fire Lamps, which would be a great for an outdoor evening summer party or make for an interesting centerpiece at any time of year. Forget those candles. Now we can all look beautiful, not by candlelight, but by biofuel flame!

Find them on the Brasa site or look for dealers here.

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2 Responses to Instant – Real Flame – Fireplace

  1. Crissy K says:

    The Foundary dot com has these on sale too. The table top ones under $100 and the larger ones for about $300. These are such an amazing addition to the home.

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