Jewelry-IS-ALWAYS-the-Perfect-Gift Guide

We've said it before. And we, as women know this all too well. A carefully chosen piece of jewelry is always – ALWAYS – an appreciated gift. We have searched far and wide to select the jewelry featured here. All of it is handmade by artisans who are passionate about their crafts. There is something in every price point. And each of these pieces, beautiful in their own very unique style, are destined to become magnets for compliments.

Smersh Design

This piece is from the Smersh Design new Tattoo Collection. The bold shape designs are cut into stainless steel and then colored. Like. Very much.   Shop & see the collection here.

Sky Dreams Fine Artisan Jewelry

Hee Soon's heirloom quality designs use only the finest materials to create dreamy designs. Shop here.

Jewelry Selection from Cambria Cove

You know we loooove this gift site and, as a jewelry-specific gift idea, we are particularly enamored with these hand cast initial charms. Gather two or three with the initials of loved ones.  See the rest of the jewelry collection here.

Lindsey Walters

Made in Scotland. We love the combination of the grandiose design with the down-home naïveté  of the felt. Contact the designer for US retail locations & shipping.

Heather B. Moore

Heather's pieces are definitely more on the “investment” side but this heirloom jewelry is personalized, wear-forever quality. Heather uses only precious metals  and stones. The selected charms are designed to document and celebrate life. Shop here.

Alice Roche Jewelry

I own Alice’s Kiss hoop earrings as well as her necklace and these are some of my favorite reach-for pieces. Subtle design that catches attention. See all her fab collection here.

Verre NewYork

Colorful glass droplets  pieces are simple, elegant with a charming twist. J'adore tout simplement. See the collection here.

Hotcakes Design Jewelry

Carved resin pieces that are cast by hand. We love the vintage inspiration rendered in a thoroughly modern bohemian manner. List of retailers here.

Infrared Studio

Laser cut earrings in metals or acrylic for a really modern take on classic forms. See them all here.

Ivory Jacks

No elephants were harmed. Ivory Jacks Jewelry is made from fossil mammoth ivory.  We know you would never wear elephant ivory, but a classic bangle as anthropological artifact, very likely. Shop here.

Kathleen Nowak Tucci

This necklace is made of… recycled rubber. Yes, eco-art rubber jewelry. Make a statement in so many ways… Sold at My Sister’s Art.

Foundling by Betsy Carr

Betsy’s pieces were some of my bestsellers when TheSucculentWife had a shop. With perfect reason: adorable, affordable featuring words pulled out of vintage dictionaries.  See her work here.

Laurel Denise

Beautiful glass, leather or silver pieces featuring her handwriting or original illustrations. Forever sweet and pretty. Shop here.

Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Jewelry

I have had my classic Liquid Metal bracelet (mine is the B10) for over 12 years and still wear it faithfully. Available in many locations but here’s one online sales point.

Polli by Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd

Made in Australia. The designers met while studying industrial design. And you can see that training in the design of their jewelry that uses manufacturing techniques usually reserved for industrial products. Very cool. Just like these earrings. See other jewelry by Polli here.

Interesting Particulars

Laser cut felt jewelry that is graphic and feminine at the same time. See the other very cool choker and cuff designs here.

Laine Fine Artisan Jewelry

Forever elegant. Courtney Laine use precious metals, gems and antique lockets and findings to create her true signature pieces. See her magnificent collection here.

Sapna Mehra Jewelry for the Global Soul
Using the 400 year old Kundan jewelry-making techniques, Sapna Mehra presents the Asmi Necklace, a personal talisman inspired by numerology that reminds the wearer of her purpose and strength, and celebrates the human spirit's ability to triumph.Personalize with a birthstone. See the collection here.

And, for more ideas, review our jewelry gift guide from last year which includes some of our still-favorites as well as the jewelry of other talented artists.

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