Karma California Brut – This Bubbly is All Party

Nothing plebeian about this little California bubbly. Karma Fine Beverages has re-conceptualized how we should be drinking our effervescent wine: in single-serve (187 ml), wide neck bottles, ready for the taking right then and there, no glasses or straws necessary.

The wine itself has been described as “clean, crisp and dry”. That would be exact. Nothing froufrou about this custom blend of French Colombard and Chenin Blanc. However, if you like to dress up your Brut, this wine lends itself very well to that, as does the bottle which was designed to be topped off with a variety of liquors and purées for the making of specialty cocktails.

Can you imagine the places that these hip bottles of bubbly can go? I thought you'd like to know, just in time for the Holiday and New Year's festivities.

Karma can be purchased online at Bevmo.com, and in stores at Whole Foods and World Market. Oh, and on Virgin America should you be flying soon.

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