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By Anne-Marie KovacsChief Wife

Back to the Roots Kitchen Farming ThumbIt's the middle of January and if you live in the Northern or Eastern states, you're feeling some pain by now. And if you're even a little bit to be a locavore, you know that “eating local” (food produced within 100 miles of where you live) in the green produce food category is a nearly impossible feat at the moment.

But, don't despair, while you may not be about to grow Lacinato kale or English cucumbers on your kitchen counter, you can use a few square inches to sprouts some fresh herbs and smaller types of greens. It doesn't take a green thumb, just some of these well-designed countertop farming kits:

Back to the Roots Aqua Farm

Aqua Farm by Back to the Roots

We love these guys and wrote about their mushroom kit three years ago. Now they've come up with another fantastic product, the Aqua Farm. It's a self-cleaning tank that grows food. The science of hydroponics + aquaculture in perfect harmony: the fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. And you grow fresh herbs or wheat grass. Here's a video of Nikhil and Alejandro that explains their latest invention. Buy the Aqua Farm directly from their website or on Amazon. It retails for about $59.99.

 Tray Kitchen Sprouter

Victorio Kitchen Seed Sprouter

For those who appreciate the health benefits of eating sprouts, this one's for you. This stacked sprouter offers an easy way to grow your own fresh organic sprouts. The unique growing tray design keeps the correct amount of water in the tray for all stages of the growing process. You can find the Victorio seed sprouter on Amazon.

Cult Design Kitchen Farming Kit

Cult Design Herb Pot

This self-watering pot will help people with even the blackest thumbs (like me) grow a myriad of fresh herbs. All this herb pot needs is a once a week water replenishment. The herbs will get the water they need while the terracotta pot absorbs any excess. Foolproof! Buy at The Grommet.


Pet Tomato

This product uses hydroponics as well. All you need to add to the Pet Tomato kit is a water bottle and some sunlight to grow cherry tomatoes, Habañero peppers or basil on your kitchen counter. Great for young and old. The Pet Tomato product retail for $14.99. Buy directly from or from Amazon.

Miracle Grow Aero Garden

Aero Garden by Miracle Grow

The Aero Garden has been credited with being among the first products to create an easy way to garden indoors. It offers a 12 inch growing area and has a control panel that automates the growing functions for real “Plug & Grow” gardening. Here you can grow fresh herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and even flowers. Buy the Aero Garden kit on Amazon for under $140.

Click and Grow Smartpot

Click and Grow

This “home gardening system” actually uses technology: “Our products contain sensors and special software that optimize releasing water and nutrients”. All you need to do is add water when the indicator tells you to. As simple and carefree gardening as you can get. Buy from Click and Grow or from Amazon.

Nurturing something that grows (with guaranteed success) could be an activity to chase the winter blues away for a little while…

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