KOR One Hydration Vessel: The Most Stylish Reusable Water Bottle Around

I know, I know. I’m a broken record on this subject (here, here and here among other mentions), but it merits repeating: Let’s stop using disposable water bottles! See horrible disposable water bottle facts here.  Especially when there are such pretty and inspiring options as that KOR One Hydration Vessels. I love that they are called “hydration vessels” as indeed, these can carry other liquids than water: flavored iced tea? Stevia lemonade? But the appellation of “vessel” elevates these beauties and the water they carry.  Indeed, KOR Water’s mission is to  “celebrate and protect water”.  Paul Shustak, co-founder describes the design this way: “The white trim around the sides is called a “water halo.” The design intent is literally to give water the reverence and majesty that comes from a conventional halo.” Perfect.

I first saw the KOR One when a fellow bootcamper (Linda, that’s you!) brought hers to our 5:30am workouts. The prettiness of the bottle, uh, vessel, is what first caught my eye, but I also noticed the  convenient incorporated handle and the large hinged opening that allows to fit ice cubes. Other details on the KOR site will reveal that the bottle is BPA free and that the company donates 1% to 5% of its sales to various water advocacy groups.

The KOR One retails from $29.95 to $35.00. You can buy it directly from Kor Water or Amazon.com.

Yes, in case you were wondering, this is the bottle that is prominently featured in Iron Man 2. Now, you know where to get yours!

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