KT Tape Review

By Liza Kovacs, M.S.C, M.A., Guest Contributor

Although I am not a physical therapist, I make my living as aPilates instructor attending to people's bodies. Sometimes exercise and learning good movement habits is not enough to provide relief from pain, which most of my clientèle, 40 and over, suffer from to greater and lesser degree. I often use my hands to relieve my clients from the numerous knots and kinks they manage to accumulate through day-to-day life and of course, bad posture and habits (such as spending hours in front of the computer). It was with great interest that I read up on KT tape and I have already looked up the nearest store that carries the tape in my area (most sporting stores).

The instructions are clear and in the case of the client with severe Achilles Tendonosis who is undergoing physical therapy, this might provide them with relief. In other cases, such as the client with the beginning of Tennis Elbow, it could possibly help in avoiding inflammation and get through the healing process. I have taught them some self-stretching exercises for the tightness through the forearm and each week I manually help relieve the tension through massage. Why not try another modality that could contribute to even better results? So, I am excited at the prospect of offering my clients something that could potentially enhance the well-being of clients, combining it with proper exercise, regular stretching and good postural and movement habits.

Let me know if you have tried KT tape and what types of results you have obtained.


Liza KovacsLiza Kovacs, is a movement specialist living in beautiful Panama. Once a professional ballet dancer, she now teaches students of all ages, imparting beauty, wellbeing and health through the moving body. Gathering momentum entering her 40’s she completed a MA in Dance Pedagogy, a MSc in Dance Science from Trinity Laban (UK), squeezed in certifications in Pilates, extensive studies in Laban Movement Analysis, anatomy and biochemistry in NYC. She is a wife, mother, blogger (lizakovacs.com) and an eternal student. Follow her on Twitter at @mindyourstep.

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One Response to KT Tape Review

  1. S Bender says:

    This stuff is amazing. I have had my knee taped, all the support of a bulky brace but with total movement. I have used it to prevent my pelvis from slipping out of place. It gives support when I pull a stomach muscle. I have used it to speed healing of a severe bruise when I fell. At this point, if it hurts, I say slap some tape on it. You can excercise without pain. I get severe charley horses on my ribs and putting tape on it prevents it from cramping again when I move. I have fibromyalgia and tape has been a lifesaver.

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