Let’s Talk Fats! Essential Fatty Acids, That is…

By Margaret Plouff – Contributor, Natural Wellness

Essential Fatty Acids are essential because your body absolutely needs these healthy nutrients, omega 3-6-9’s. We’ll all turned off by the word “Fat” but let’s take a closer look. The brain is made up of healthy fats, and we need to feed it essential fatty acids for clarity, focus, and improved mood. The cells are surrounded by essential fatty acids and if there is a lack of the good fats, the bad fats take over that job.

The joints function smoothly and pain-free when they are lubricated properly. The skin shows a healthy glow when it’s fed well from the inside out. Buttery, velvety facial skin, body skin, silky legs, irresistible feeling!

The bottom line is get juicy and stay juicy! We heal from the inside out and essential fatty acids are part of our healing. Are your insides smiling?

This time of year my clients start complaining about drying skin, brain fog and fatigue. I educate them right away on EFAs. My organic essential fatty acid favorite is Udo’s 3-6-9 liquid. It has superb organic quality flax, coconut, sunflower and evening primrose oil and is a perfect nutritional wonder for these common complaints. You can mix it in your morning shake, pour over a delicious lunch time salad, or just take right off the spoon, that easy! Find it at a health food store (or online at Drugstore.com) and get in the daily habit of taking 1-2 tablespoons. It’s great for kids as well. My teenager benefits from EFAs just like I do!

Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil contains all plant nutritional oils with 50% ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which the body converts to EPA (eicospentaeonic acid) This means that the body will have the right amount of ALA and the body will control the conversion form these plant oils into the right amount of omegas for your body.

Stay juicy and crave vitality! Intrigued? Email me at Margaret[at]FocusedWisdom.com for more health inspiration and ideas!

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