The Enclosed. A Feminine Gift to Self {dedicated} - Panty of the Month This is a sponsored post written on behalf of, a luxe panty subscription service. We are so excited to tell you more about this service, equally appreciated by men and women. 



While we most of us pointlessly resist growing older, any woman over the age of 50 will tell you that there are certain advantages to it. The most universal of these is the “I don't give a hoot what anyone else thinks” attitude which generally kicks in at about the time that the nurturing baby-making hormones start exiting the body. We start doing things for ourselves. We are more confident because of the fact that we don't care about outside opinions. We are in a phase of exploration and celebration.

  • There was a time when we wouldn't indulge on gifts for ourselves. That time has passed.
  • There was a time when we were mothers to small children and had every waking – and nighttime – moment dedicated to them. Passed.
  • There was a time when we thought our bodies were to be cherished by someone else and not us. Passed.
  • There was a time when we thought our bodies were not perfect and didn't deserve to make us feel proud or beautiful. Passed.

And, there's the tie-in between being a woman in midlife and beautiful lingerie. Especially panties. We are starting to understand what French and Italian women have always known: there is nothing frivolous about luxe lingerie. Beautiful underwear is empowering. The women who wear it do it for themselves. It's not about who is going to see it. It's about how they feel when they wear it. Luxe lingerie is a statement of self-worth, an investment in one's self-confidence, in feeling great.

It's a spin on “What's on the inside is as important as what's on the outside”. And, as women of a certain age, we get it now. After years of wearing comfortable granny panties and, you remember – the utilitarian “period panties”, it's high time to upgrade, don't you think?

The only person you need to seduce now is you. Here then is the [Enclosed], a luxe panty subscription service that will provide the goods to make you feel more beautiful, more confident while helping you build a sensuous, empowering knicker collection so that you can feel that way Because, by now, we deserve it. In fact, we are overdue.


The Enclosed - Luxe Panty SubscriptionAntonia Townsend launched [Enclosed] in 2013. It was a natural extension of her love for fine lingerie and for what she was already doing for female friends and family: giving them luxe underthings as gifts. When you think about it, a pair of luxury panties is a feel-good gift that is perfect to celebrate pretty much any occasion: a wedding, an anniversary, a breakup, a promotion, a birthday…

It just made sense for Antonia to bring her gift ritual to market. It made even more sense to present it as a gift-of-the-month subscription service. That way, gift recipients can anticipate a new delight in the mail every month.

As opposed to usual subscription box concepts that are filled with lots of little sample-sized items, Antonia wanted to go the other way: present one single, exquisite, high quality item to make the recipient feel really special.

Understandably, the Enclosed is as popular with men who give this gift to women as it is with the bridal, anniversary and bachelorette market. Yet, Antonia really has a soft spot for the midlife woman. Being one herself, she knows the road most of us have traveled and why self-love and self-confidence is more important than ever. And, as documented by the French ladies, she knows that a luxurious pair of panties worn for oneself is the most immediate way to feel put-together and empowered.

Antonia sources the luxe panties from high quality manufacturers around the globe. Each pair will arrive in its beautiful signature box, rose petals strewn about and with a little note explaining the provenance of that specific panty and why it was selected for you.


Super easy. The best part about buying panties as a gift or online is that underwear is easy to fit.

  1. Select your duration of service: just a one month treat? Or maybe go all the way to a whole 12-month “year of decadence” as The Enclosed calls it.
  2. Select your panty style: bikini, boyshort, thong, etc…  Check as many styles as you want.
  3. Select your style and preferences, i.e. are you are frilly gal or practical. Will you wear these every day (you should) or reserve for special occasions… This is the section where you can make special requests: hate blue? want only blue? This is where to note this so that the Enclosed team can send you only things you will love.
  4.  Select your size.
  5. Address your message to your gift recipient. If the panties are for you, write something fun and uplifting or yourself!

Based on this intake, The Enclosed will select the most amazing luxe panty to fit the requirements. Everything is personalized, from a personal note to you and about why a particular panty was selected. That little note also includes a reference to the designer or brand.


Antonia sent me an [Enclosed] package so that I could experience firsthand being a recipient of this gift. I wanted to capture my candid reaction when opening the box so I decided to make this video (my first one! Thanks for being kind and forgiving the amateur video quality!). I'm glad I did, because everything about The Enclosed service is awesome perfection that simple photos can't completely capture: exquisite packaging, sincere personalization and beautiful product. I'm in love. And, my daughter already knows that she is getting an [Enclosed] panty subscription for her birthday.

When it comes down to it, luxe panties are less expensive, just as beautiful and much more durable than flowers. And, it's a gift to yourself that you get to revisit every time you wear it. Subscribe to The Enclosed luxe panty subscription for yourself or for a lucky, lucky friend.


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  1. Sylvia says:

    What a fantastic idea! I love slipping on my silky under things every morning. What a great gift to give your friends the little extra boost every woman deserves!

  2. Eunissa says:

    Oh what a great idea! I love that there are different styles to choose from and that you can be pretty specific on what you like in an undergarment. Thanks for sharing the video too. It’s one thing to say it has beautiful packaging and another to demonstrate it.

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